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Anyone else out there taking Domperidone to increase supply?

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cenicienta Mon 06-Dec-10 21:07:55

DD2 is 10 mths old and I started taking domperidone when she was 3 mths old, when my milk dried up. I used domperidone succesfully with DD til 4 mths and just wondered if anyone else out there was in a similar position?

SpeedyGonzalez Mon 06-Dec-10 21:10:08

Just want to check the obvious...have you tried getting her to feed more frequently, for shorter feeds? E.g. 6 short feeds a day rather than 3 long ones. You're supposed to do this over a 24 hour period. It worked for me.

Apols if I'm stating the obvious and you've already tried this...

cfc Mon 06-Dec-10 21:29:10

I used it from 7 months when DC1 started sleeping through and was weaned and my supply bombed. I donated milk from the off and wanted to continue (and they allowed it here, no cut off from 6 mths) so went on the tablets after trying everything else, vitamins, milk thistle, pumping etc etc.

We went on until he weaned himself off the boob at about 11 months. I found it great.

cenicienta Mon 06-Dec-10 21:33:02

This is my second time taking it and yes, I did try all the other methods first. I'm a qualified midwife and NCT bf councellor so know a bit about some of the techniques to increase production. However with both DDs my milk dried up around 3 months due to a hormonal condition and absolutely nothing worked, until I took domperidone. It works great for me and I intend to keep on taking it til DD2 is ready to stop feeding, I just wanted to see if anyone else was in a similar position.

cenicienta Mon 06-Dec-10 21:33:55


SpeedyGonzalez Tue 07-Dec-10 20:52:44

Okey-doke. Good luck with the milk thing! grin

peppaandgeorge Tue 07-Dec-10 21:17:38

I took it after my DD was diagnosed with tongue-tie at 7 weeks and had it snipped. My milk supply bombed and I combined Domperidone with increased pumping to get my supply up. Increased feeding wasn't possible at that time as my DD slept loads due to low energy levels from the first few weeks of insufficient intake.

It worked a treat for me and, once DD was feeding properly and regained her appetite, I stopped taking in gradually.

cenicienta Wed 08-Dec-10 02:01:02

peppaandgeorge how much did you take?

peppaandgeorge Wed 08-Dec-10 08:54:35

I took 3 tablets 3 times a day. These are Jack Newman's directions even though it is not it says on the packet. Had to educate my doctor!

bruhaha Wed 08-Dec-10 08:58:37

I took it with ds1 - he was 8 weeks perm and my milk just didn't kick in. Took it for app 14 months. Was the only thing that worked.

bruhaha Wed 08-Dec-10 08:59:12

Perm should be prem

fiveisanawfullybignumber Wed 08-Dec-10 09:21:44

I took it as only started feeding DD when she was 7 days old due to eclamptic seizures in labour and so weak afterwards.
Took it for 3 weeks 3 tabs 3 x daily along side demand feeding. That was enough for me. I found once I had oversupply issues at about week 3 i could stop it.

cenicienta Wed 08-Dec-10 18:55:06

Do Uk doctors actually prescribe it? I've always bought mine from the internet

Caz10 Wed 08-Dec-10 18:58:40

I had it prescribed when DD, now 3,was very young, but it came from a recommendation from the lactation consultant at our mat unit,the GP was a bit tutty and head-shakey about it! But prescribed it nonetheless.

Mozismyhero Wed 08-Dec-10 23:34:02

I am on it at the moment, although my MW only put me on 10mg (1 tab) 3 times a day. Been on them since Tuesday last week and they don't seem to be doing anything. Went back today after reading this thread and said I thought the dose was too small - MW looked in 'the book' and said to up dose to 2 tabs 4 times a day (total 80mg). Fingers crossed.

Has anyone tried taking fenugreek at the same time?

cenicienta Thu 09-Dec-10 13:59:43

I started off when DD2 was 3 months on 2 tablets 3 times a day. She's now 10 months and I've slowly increased to 4 tablets 3 times a day. I read that 12 a day is the maximum recommended dose. Mozismyhero I would have to say that 30mg a day doesn't sound enough to make a difference to milk supply. I think because the info leaflet states this as the maximum (for gut related issues) there's a fear of prescribing higher doses. I've gradually increased the dose over the months to ensure I have enough supply but not over supply. With DD1 I think I overdid it at times and had over supply which meant she got a lot more foremilk. There doesn't seem to be much agreement on what is an ideal dose. With me it's just been lots of trial and error.

Strix Thu 09-Dec-10 14:25:47

I have stocked up in anticipation of needing it. DC3 is going to arrive one week from today. I never had much milk supply with previous 2. With DC1 I tired to bf for about 2 weeks and gave up because I was just starving the baby. With DC2, I learned about domperidome and started taking it a couple of weeks after birth and took until 4 months, when we gave up bf.

So, I think I have supply issues and will probably have them again. Of course there is a chance I won't need it. We'll see.

For those who used it from very early on, when did you start taking it?

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