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please help! a bit rambly

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thegauntlet Sun 05-Dec-10 17:32:06

We have had the week from hell. Starting with DD ( 6 months BF) getting a horrid cold and then laryngitis.
She went completely off her food, both solid and boob. She still has a hoarse voice.

Now... she seems to be feeling better. Will have baby rice and a good go at cheese, toast and purees. But... she won't feed off me. I am at the end of my wits. I am full, keep expressing off to try to help her latch on, but she goes in to latch on and then pulls away and arches her back. It all gets very fraught, and she ends up having it off a spoon.

Ok... I have a feeling I know what is wrong, but It is my fault and I am gutted. Last week ( just as she was getting ill) we threw all the dummies out and bought 2 6-18 month ones, which she is just having for sleep, in the cot and the car. we haven't had any problems with nipple confusion before- she doesnt like my bm from a bottle, infact wont take it at all at the moment.

What should we do? SHe will take the dummy, and it calms her, but is it making it worse? How can we get past this? She's hungry, im engorged, and really unhappy. TO top it all I am back to work in 10 days ,

Please help.
I have rung NCT helpline but they haven't run back...

thegauntlet Sun 05-Dec-10 17:37:49

please... someone

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 05-Dec-10 17:55:41

can you just take her to bed, have a bit of a babymoon with her, skin to skin?

TheSugarPlumFairy Sun 05-Dec-10 18:01:22

i haven't BF in a long time but could it be that because you are so engorged your let down is too strong for her and that is why she is pulling off? especially if her throat is still a little tender.

Could you pump for a bit longer and then see if she will latch on and stay on?

tiktok Sun 05-Dec-10 19:00:17

I seriously doubt it has anything at all to do with the dummies.

More likely to do with difficulty co-ordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing with her cold. She could still be bunged up - would explain why she is ok on solids.

See doc about getting her nose un-bunged? Skin to skin? Patience and calm will also help. No need whatsoever to think this will mean end of bf.

Hope this helps.

thegauntlet Sun 05-Dec-10 19:05:38

thank you. needed to hear this.
bless you.

ClimberChick Mon 06-Dec-10 02:40:11

I also think it has nothing to do with the dummies. Sounds like a nursing strike. She could have associated feeding with pain (with cold).

Make sure you don't force the issue but offer regulary. It can last up to two weeks and you'll feel emotionally wrecked and physically drained. Don't take it personally, she's not rejecting you (easier said than done). Make sure you have loads of support to access e.g. coffee groups, friends to rant to.

Hopefully it's still just related to the cold and physical discomfort and not a proper strike.

When you think she can handle it, start of trying to feed her in her sleep or when she's just woken up and is still drowsy. Obviously keep expressing to keep up supply. It's a good sign that she's still going to latch and not crying even before that stage.

I used to take to my bed for afternoons or whole days, with her in her nappy and me topless and just be around each other.

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