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Is this just a reaction to the cold and cough?

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cbmum Sat 04-Dec-10 22:40:55

DD2 has been mixed fed from the first week or so and it's worked really well. She's happy, healthy and at just 4 months old filling clothes that are supposedly for children aged 6-9 months. With DD1 I had to switch to formula from week 10 as she wasn't gaining weight and there were lots of other problems so I never experience what it was like to deal with a cold filled breast fed baby.

DD2 has got over the green snot phase and we're now left with a hacking cough that continually wakes her and me every hour or so. Until 2-3 days ago she happily mixed fed taking formula mid morning, mid afternoon and about now (10.30pm ish). Since her cold took hold she has been reluctant to take anywhere near her usual amount of formula (only had 150 ml anyway) and now only wants boob.

Is this a comfort thing and will she revert to her 'normal' feeding self? Sods law is that I've tentatively arranged to go out next weekend and if she is now being tricky about taking a bottle that's going to be scuppered. I'm not too bothered if she wants boob mid morning and mid afternoon instead of formula but I really want to stick to the late evening formula feed so that I can have the option of going out once in a while and more realistically, going to bed and getting some kip, and letting someone else do that feed!

Any ideas?

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Sun 05-Dec-10 18:27:31

It's probably comfort - she's feeling poorly and boob is nicer than bottle? plus your milk will be giving her antibodies to help her fight it off.

When my DS is poorly he wants more boob - even goes off water!

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