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BF baby cries during and after feeding

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PortiaPony Sat 04-Dec-10 20:35:42

My DD is now 3 weeks old and has fed well from the start. I've not had any issues with soreness so feeding had been going well. But the last 4 days have been hell. Basically half way through a feed she will pull away and cry. Face is purple and legs are going. She's then back at the breast. Once the feed is done she cries for hours i've tried every burping position known to man and while some gas comes up there isn't any let up in her crying. Can't really see any patternin when she stops. Shes obviously in pain and I feel awful that it's my milk that's doing it. What can I try? Could my latch be bad resulting in lots of wind? Is it the dreaded colic or could it be refux? Please help my head is in a spin and we're ragged from the crying

Amarach Sat 04-Dec-10 21:45:00

My sympathy Portia - there's nothing more stressful than feeding problems especially when you're probably very tired as well. I'm no expert (just have one DS, now 16 months) but I think 3 weeks is about the time that colic normally starts. You say your DD cries for hours after a feed? I imagine you are feeding quite frequently so could it be that the crying isn't a direct consequence of something going wrong with the feeding at all? If she is having 'colicky' pain maybe it does get worse when she feeds, but in way there's not much you can do about that - she has to eat. Maybe you could get a breastfeeding cousellor to have a look at your latch if you have a group nearby you can drop in to, just in case. If it's reflux then (as far as I know) keeping her more upright should help - I've heard of babies being put to sleep in carseats because they were more comfortable like that for example.
At 2.5 weeks old my DS's 'colic', or long bouts of crying, started. It was very, very stressful. We had had feeding problems from the start (tongue-tie) so his latch wasn't brilliant, but I really don't know if it was anything to do with that. Gripewater helped him burp (can use it from 4 weeks I think). The crying stopped overnight at 7 weeks. He then started fussing and crying and pulling away during feeds again at around 10/11 weeks and that lasted a couple of weeks. Everything is just a phase (you'll be sick of hearing that if you're not already!). Sorry I can't be of more help but I do think 3 weeks seems to be the time that babies can start to cry LOTS. Look for answers, but you might have to just muddle through this phase and comfort your DD as best you can by walking her around etc. etc.

trixymalixy Sat 04-Dec-10 21:47:29

My FS did this. It turned out to be allergies. He was reacting to the proteins in my breast milk.

Milk is the most common. It might be worth trying a milk free diet for a week or so.

trixymalixy Sat 04-Dec-10 21:48:00


chillichill Sun 05-Dec-10 03:22:07

colief might help if its a food sensitivity or colic, its digestive enzymes.
I saw a midwife at s breast feeding clinic determine reflux by holding a baby under its arms. supporting the head with her hands through the arms, and holding the baby out in mid air so she was like standing, and swayed her from side to side. the screaming stopped almost instantly.
don't know if I described that well but you could try a breast feeding clinic if your at a loss, they.are really good at figuring out what's wrong

nickytwotimes Sun 05-Dec-10 06:06:55

ds2 did this and it was silent reflux. not saying that this is what it is, it could be so many things, but worth bearing in mind?

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