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2 poo's a week at the most

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LittleDonkin Sat 04-Dec-10 11:53:32

My DD is 7 weeks old and breastfed. Should she be pooing more than this????

Albrecht Sat 04-Dec-10 12:25:43

My ds suddenly started having less poos - bit older than your dd. I took him to the gp and she felt his stomach etc, said its often the case that as breast milk is perfect food, they use it all up and there is very little left as waste.

Am not an expert but I think some babies poo loads and some very infrequently.

Is she ok otherwise? Alert etc? Not in pain when she does poo?

(Also gp said if he was still farting, means there is not any kind of blockage, so all good!)

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 04-Dec-10 16:36:57

As long as you are exclusively bfing and your DD is showing no signs of discomfort I'd say its fine. EBF babies can go upto 2 weeks with no poo before anyone would get concerned.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 04-Dec-10 16:52:19

Forgot to ask is she doing plenty of wees?

NotQuiteCockney Sat 04-Dec-10 16:52:38

Yup, up to two weeks between poos is normal, as long as the baby is at least four weeks old (and better if they're at least 6 weeks, tbh).

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