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Sorry, breastfeeding poo question...

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Samraves Sat 04-Dec-10 09:27:00

Hi there,

I am so sorry to be posting about poo...

I have a dd who is just over two weeks and I am breastfeeding her. Trouble is that everytime she poos she gets really upset and then does explosive watery poo. At first I was really concerned thinking she had an upset tummy. But she only does one or two a day, it is yellow (not dreaded green or other colour) and she is feeding well with no other signs of being unwell.

I have been advised that some breastfed babies do do quite runny poos... But nothing had prepared me for this! And has made me not want to let my step daughter or mum or anyone else change her napped when they offer.

Is it true, can anyone else reassure me that this is normal for their baby or should I be talking to the midwife about this? I tried to call the centre on fri but no answer so may try again mon.


blueberrysantabait Sat 04-Dec-10 09:31:29

It is perfectly normal - it is runny, spreads like nothing else you have ever seen and can shoot across the room if you don't get a nappy on quick enough. <<walks off to scrub the poo stains off the opposite wall in baby's room!>>

MoonUnitAlpha Sat 04-Dec-10 09:41:37

Yes, explosive and bright yellow! DP describes it as curry sauce grin

DS did 10+ poos a day for the first month, and I've had to duck out of the way during nappy changes before now.

HappyAsASandboy Sat 04-Dec-10 09:52:13

They can be impressive grin At 6 and a bit weeks, my twins have just stopped pooing in every nappy and now poo about once a day. In my DD case she goes at the same time every day, meaning that I change her before the first feed of the day (has to be done as nappy is FULL of wee), feed her and wait half an hour, then I have to completely change her as the explosive poo has come out of both legs and the back of the babygro [shocked] Has happend four days in a row now grin

PureAsTheDrivenShow Sat 04-Dec-10 09:55:32

BF baby poo is like curry sauce. It's watery, can travel up to their necks and down to their feet quite easily. It has seeds in it.

All normal.

PassionKissUnderTheMistletoe Sat 04-Dec-10 10:00:30

Ha ha - yes very normal!

On the plus side I find that the purely breast milk poos don't smell too bad and are easy to wipe off.

Just wait till she's on solids <hollow laugh>

PureAsTheDrivenShow Sat 04-Dec-10 10:04:45

That's the benefit. It doesn't smell rancid. It was a bit popcorny iirc.

Solid poos. Mwahahahahahaha. Well, at first they're fine. BF poo with whole vegetables in it. It's when they start to digest it properly.

megonthemoon Sat 04-Dec-10 10:06:14

You'll be strangely proud of your DD the day she eventually does one explosive enough to travel all the way up her back and get in her hair

mousesma Sat 04-Dec-10 10:10:46

Sounds normal and when it does leak (and it will ) it is a bugger to get out of clothes.

Discomfort passing poo is normal too even at 21 weeks DD gets unsettled when shes got a poo coming.

porcamiseria Sat 04-Dec-10 10:24:47

ALL NORMAL! fret ye not

Fifilottie Sat 04-Dec-10 10:24:58

Hi there,

I had this problem for months with my DD. She was EBF aswell. Everytime she had a nappy change she seem to poo out watery stuff and scream and scream as if in pain. It went on for about four months to be honest. I had numerous visits to the Doctor and the asked the HV but they all kept syaing "it's normal, it's normal"/ I was in disbelief and sure there was something wrong. Finally things all settled down. My Dd was five weeks early so I think her digestive system wasn't so mature aswell.

Hope that is reassuring

HappyAsASandboy Sat 04-Dec-10 10:31:43

mousesma - have you tried Nappisan? It has got all our stains out so far grin I rinse the worst of the poo off, then soak the stained clothes in Nappisan until I have a whole wash (never more than 12 hours!) and then bung the stained clothes in with the others and put some more nappisan in the washer drawer.

mousesma Sat 04-Dec-10 10:35:10

No I haven't thanks for the tip! The only thing I found that worked was washing and hanging in bright sunlight to bleach the stains out. Obviously this is useless this time of year

ginger2000 Sat 04-Dec-10 13:14:53

another one here that has a DD with explosive, goes everywhere poos! We are still getting at least 6/7 poos a day at 9 weeks (which is such a pain in the night - 3 on the trot, no pun intended, last night) and it can seem like she is in discomfort - but everyone says its normal so am trying to just go with it!

mrsgordonfreeman Sat 04-Dec-10 15:30:26

You could also try putting the stained stuff on a bright windowsill, which I've found works pretty well in this sort of weather.

Samraves Sat 04-Dec-10 17:45:51

Thanks everyone, that is very reassuring... But my goodness these poor babies! I will try to stop worrying about it now... But suppose I need to resign myself to having to deal with a potential bum bomb everytime I change her.

A further question.. In this case, how on earth are you supposed to give them time without a nappy on as recommended in most books?? And also I am worried everytime we give her a bath that she will pop everywhere! Any tips?

MoonUnitAlpha Sat 04-Dec-10 18:34:53

After ds's bath I just put him naked on a changing mat and towels on the floor to kick about for a bit. You could drape a muslin over her too.

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