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Daktarin Cream for thrush in nips

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SilverSky Thu 02-Dec-10 07:13:31


Has anyone used Daktarin Cream for thrush in nipples?

Ds has the gel and I bought the cream over the counter cos I forgot to ask the dr for it.

The long and short of it is I am bit anxious about using it tho I know that the breastfeeding network recommend using it with the gel to eliminate the thrush tho I know gps aren't keen to prescribe for this use.

Sposed to use thin layer on nip after each feed and ensure no residue on nip when you next come to feed. I am concerned about it having bad effect on Ds. Tho surely it will have all absorbed by the next feed? So DS will be ok?

If anyone would care to share their experiences i'd be grateful cos I feel like packing bf'ing in!!


LaTristesse Thu 02-Dec-10 07:52:52

I used Daktarin gel when we had thrush, had no ill effect on my DS - I didn't wipe after a feed and he was feeding quite frequently back then. The most important thing is to make sure both of you are being treated, or you'l just pass it back and forth between you. IMO GPs are pretty rubbish when it comes to anything breastfeeding related, whereas the BreastFeeding Network are the experts - I'd always follow their advice...

Good luck in shifting it - it's horrid!

SilverSky Thu 02-Dec-10 08:08:09

Thanks LaT.

The gel is fine as it's designed for oral use. I am worried about the cream being ingested when it's not sposed to be. Tho I am using a very very thin sparing layer on my Nipples So hope this is ok.

As you say the Bfn are the experts and it looks like loads of people have followed their advice successfully.

I am having a wobble cos the pharmacist referred me back to the re how long to wait after applying cream before next feed.

HIm Indoors is not keen on me using the nipple cream in case it does something horrible to Ds.

LaTristesse Thu 02-Dec-10 08:17:14

I'm sure if you use a thin layer you'll be fine - a friend of mine used Canesten in this way and that's not intended for oral use either...

SilverSky Thu 02-Dec-10 08:39:18

Ah! Did she?? Good to know.

Am totally paranoid but as you say I have uthins
very thin layer.

Thrush is the pits and I wish the GPs were better informed so they could prescribe properly. I've got to go back to get the fluco wotsit cos the gp told me the pain was a latch issue but I am not convinced.

A very well informed MN'er gave me the bfn advice and I just wanted to know if any other MN'ers have used the cream. Having a confidence crisis. Tho looks like if I want to beat this bloody thrush I will have to "man up" and not worry!! <pathetic>

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