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Only 2oz weight gain in 2 weeks - worried

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QueenOfProcrastination Wed 01-Dec-10 11:53:43

My DD is 14 weeks old and now weighs 10lb 6oz, was 7lb 8oz at birth. She's BF and has been having longer feeds during day than usual for past fortnight (e.g. up to 2 hrs, then another feed an hour later)so I'm really upset and worried that when she was weighed this morning before her jabs that she's only put on 2oz in a fortnight. The Health Visitor at the clinic said she's concerned and needs to keep an eye on her weight gain as she's moving down centiles.

I thought we were doing well. DD's evening cluster feeds are shorter and she's only waking for one feed in the night. I thought that was good progress but it seems she's now not getting enough milk, despite longer feeds in the day.

Supply is okay I think, although DD does still do some comfort sucking. I'm going to spend the next few days feeding DD at every opportunity during the day, but don't want to start waking her at night as she's settled herself into a good routine at night (after many weeks of cluster feeding and crying from 3pm - 1am) which I don't want to disturb unless I really have to.

Anyone had any experience of similar situation? What'll happen if pace of weight gain doesn't improve? I've already got DM an MIL suggesting moving to formula, and that was when DD was putting on 4oz a week, not 1oz a week.

crikeybadger Wed 01-Dec-10 12:14:41

How many centiles has she dropped QueenofProcrastination?

Did the HV have any advice?

I think your plan to feed at every opportunity is a good one. The longer feeds in the day could be down to a growth spurt (usually 12 weeks).

I'm assuming she was weighed naked on a flat surface using digital scales?

tiktok Wed 01-Dec-10 12:14:54

Queen, there is normally no need to weigh healthy babies as often as this - once a month, tops, is current guidance as more frequent weighings are misleading (and cause unwarranted anxiety, in some cases). My calculations are that she began on the 50th centile and is now just below the 25th - that's ok and well within normal limits. It's only when babies move through two or more centile spaces that there is thought to be anything possibly amiss, and most of these babies are just fine, anyway.

'Twould be crackers to move to formula!

If you and the HV are worried about her weight gain, then the simplest response is to feed more often - at least both breasts each time. Sounds as if that is what you plan to do

MoonUnitAlpha Wed 01-Dec-10 12:21:40

My ds was born on the 75th and is now just below the 25th too. My HV hasn't said his weight is a concern though - he's bright and happy enough.

ClimberChick Thu 02-Dec-10 03:37:27

Judge the baby not the weight.
My DD would put on up to 3oz/week. Once had 1oz over two weeks. BUT she was mobile, alert, despite going from 25th to under 2nd. She ended up rolling at 11wks, crawling at 6 months and walking at 8.5months. Still tiny but clearly fine. We're moving into 6-9 months clothes at 9 months (but it saves money )

For MIL say HV (and rope in GP grin) are happy just need to make sure she's fed frequently. Also gets around the 2/3hrly feed comments (oh, is still only going 3 hours!!! WTF!!)

I found this thread reassuring. It's an old support thread for babies with slow weight gain but it helped to make me realise it's more common than you think.

tiktok Thu 02-Dec-10 11:10:06

Queen, how are things today?

QueenOfProcrastination Thu 02-Dec-10 11:19:56

Thanks everyone, feel much calmer today - your posts helped me to put it in perspective. DD is alert, smiley, chatty and plenty of wet and dirty nappies so, as you say, a much better indicator of her wellbeing than weight gain. I've avoided DM and MIL and wil just ignore, ignore, ignore if they start talking about FF (if DD was still hungry after feeds then okay, but she isn't) and have decided not to get DD weighed again until her next set of jabs in four weeks time. In the meantime I'm offering the breast even when she's not showing signs of wanting a BF, and will do lots of skin-to-skin and daytime cluster feeds whenever I can.

Thanks for your support.

crikeybadger Thu 02-Dec-10 11:23:34

All sounds good queen- glad you're feeling more positive now. smile

tiktok Thu 02-Dec-10 11:52:22

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