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Nipple pain, finding latch hard - will this get better?

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Moogsmummy Wed 01-Dec-10 10:24:55

My baby boy is 10 days old and I am utterly shattered. He feeds every two hours night and day. Sometimes fussing at night.

I have had problems with the latch and nipples always sore. Im getting depressed and dreading each feed.

In two minds about swapping to formula so DH can help and I can spend more time with my DD (5).

Will this get easier, will he ever go for 4 hours so I can get a decent sleep?

crikeybadger Wed 01-Dec-10 11:00:59

You poor thing, it is hard in the beginning isn't it?

Feeding every two hours is pretty normal (and good) for a baby so young. It will help establish your milk supply.

Are you getting any help with getting the latch right? Lansinoh or a similar cream will help with the soreness.

Of course it will get easier. In fact it will be easier and more convenient than giving formula in the long run. Might not seem like that now though I know. smile

Have you mastered lying down to feed - that way you can have some rest in the day. At night, co-sleeping (safely of course) will mean that you get less interrupted sleep as you can feed and doze.

Maybe finding a breastfeeding support group would be a good idea. That way you can get them to check out the latch and give you some support.

Good luck.

mylifewithstrangers Wed 01-Dec-10 11:03:59

It does get better I promise. My nipples took about 2 weeks to harden up. At some points it was so painful I had to shut my eyes and let DP latch the baby on otherwise I'd I'd always jerk the nipple away as a reflex.

Definately slather on the Lansinoh, and all the other thinkgs crikeybadger suggested

Also google (or search here) for biological nursing (where you let the baby find the nipple itself)

Mozismyhero Wed 01-Dec-10 12:33:58

Know exactly how you feel. DS 9 days today. So hard isn't it? No advice, I'm clueless, but good to know I'm not the only one. smile

Also, my friend told me to get some breast shells from boots and wear them as they can stop your bra from rubbing. Have found they help.

paddypants Wed 01-Dec-10 12:44:13

YES!! But go and buy (or send DH to buy) all the accessories you can. Lansinoh, the hard shells for when not feeding and the silicon nipple shields too. Some midwives are very anti these but I had a lovely midwife who stressed doing whatever it took to make breastfeeding easier and I would never have lasted without these - bleeding, cracked nipples - shuddering at memory. To avoid getting baby too used to the shields I used them only at night when everything seems so much harder and tried to go without during the day but used them some days also when all too sore. It took me two weeks before I found feeding ok and was six weeks before I enjoyed it. And I really HATED it those first two weeks. But once you start on formula then you have all washing and sterilising to do also when you can really do without another task. Agree with crikeybadger you should also seek out breastfeeding group or la leche league, if even just to hear that other people struggling too! But they will be good source of advice and support

paddypants Wed 01-Dec-10 12:46:53

Also, I had to make DH leave the room every time latched on as I really wanted to pass the pain on to nearest person and could have punched him. He soon learnt to run (after leaving glass of water for unquenchable thirst)!!!!

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