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Can sickness affect milk supply?

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Newmumlondon Wed 01-Dec-10 10:01:37

I've been sick with a terrible vomiting flu since Saturday (so has dd and dh) and last night almost collapsed when getting up for night feed due to lack of food/sleep and dehydration caused by diahorrea (spelling?) I'm ebf and being unable to eat while b-feeding has taken alot out of me. This morning I seem to have a lot less milk than normal. Will my illness be affecting my milk supply? Also, does anyone have any tips for keeping up my strength for feeding while unable to eat?

Dd is much better now, thankfully.

mamaloco Wed 01-Dec-10 10:31:16

yes it will, at least dehydratation will affect your milk. Drink as much as possible, little and often. If your DD was sick too she is probably having less as well. Your supply should go back to normal when you are both better.
drink sweet tea or flat coke, something with a bit of energy in it (not light, with real sugar). You should also start eating again, very little at a time, plain toast biscuit.... and build up
And rest a lot.
that a general advice, I am sure some BF expert will tell you more.

Newmumlondon Wed 01-Dec-10 18:17:38

Thanks for your post. I was very glad of the expressed milk in the freezer this evening! Ran dry about 5 but had a bath and some dry oatcakes and gave her some expressed milk and then could feed a little and she went to sleep. Am feeling a lot better now so hopefully will be ok through the night.

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