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Pink nipples

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CamperFan Mon 29-Nov-10 20:55:19

Would there be any reason, other than thrush, for pink, slightly stingy nipples? Poor latch? Allergy to breast pads? Breast pads not very breathable? More sensitive nipples than other people? I don't think I have thrush (could of course be wrong) but what else can it be??

SirBoobAlot Mon 29-Nov-10 21:04:21

Could be all of the above! Is there anything else going on? Can you describe things a bit more?

CamperFan Thu 02-Dec-10 08:56:13

Sorry for the delay, difficult to find anytime to write in detail. Had a lot of pain in the beginning, panicked about thrush and got all the treatments. at 3 weeks DS2 diagnosed and treated for tongue tie. Pain did improve immediately, but has gradually got better. stingy feeling in nipple on one side after feeding has also gone. DS2 is 5.5 weeks now, but I still have very pink nipples, can't bear them to be accidentally touched, have to be covered with breast pad. I wouldn't say feeding is 100% comfortable, but is not too bad, certainly much better than it was.

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