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Breastfeeding 4wk old - now going horribly wrong

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SilverSky Sat 27-Nov-10 23:45:30

Hello everyone,

I have a 4 wk old boy. Up until recently have been bfing successfully and without any issues apart from some initial discomfort when latching on but that passed. My baby was 8lb 8oz at birth.

Now at 10lb 10oz we are having a host of problems: colic, painful latch and painful feeds (feels like someone is stabbing pins in my nipples), my breasts are painful to touch, baby seems to have changed his latch and feels like is sucking on nipple.

I have also had a section which doesn't help as I haven't been able to get to any of the bf clinics as can't drive and even if I get a taxi there I can't carry the car seat with the baby in. Blooming nightmare really. HI says he can take me next week.

I called the NCT helpline and they think his weight gain may have had an impact and reco clinic attendance.

Last week I got some new nursing bras. Fitted properly and I wonder if these are hindering?

After feeding my breast is tingly, feels hot. I've just fed him now and my breasts are v painful. I am not sure I this is just a latch issue.

In short, I am miserable. I cry when I feed coz it hurts. The baby arches and pulls on my nipple. Not sure if due to colic, reflux or oversupply. All I know is i cannot carry on. I want to stick with bf'ing but the pain is getting too much.

I've tried diff positions - tummy to mummy, more upright, me leaning back ans him laying across me on his side/face down.

Another prob is due to large bust he gets really red in the face when feeding due to having a face full of boob.

Any tips or advice is welcome.

deleting Sun 28-Nov-10 00:16:57

check for thrush (thick white coating on tongue that doesn't scrape off easily) and get the dr to check you out. friend of mine had this problem, sore nipples, dd crying and arching back etc. if breasts feel hot you might also be getting mastitis so you need to get checked out. hope you can get it sorted.

SilverSky Sun 28-Nov-10 02:20:23

Thanks deleting HV came on Friday and I asked her to see if it was thrush and she said it wasn't.

I had blocked ducts about ten days ago and I sorted that with massage and hot towelling. If it mastitis then it feels v different to the blocked ducts as I could feel lumps in my breasts. I feel well in myself apart from the tender and uber sensitive breasts.

Sposed to be seeing MIL tmw and dreading it as she is obsessed with the baby being hungry and him not getting enough cos you can't tell with a bf baby what they are getting so thinks I should express to see. We know that the baby is the best pump and expressing won't prove much.

It's odd that both breasts are suffering which is why I wondered if it was the latch.

The bf clinic cannot come quick enough as I am dreading every feed and it's frustrating that everything was going pretty smoothly. I was able to feed in public etc and now I don't think I could even do that!

MoonUnitAlpha Sun 28-Nov-10 07:58:51

It does sound like thrush to me - you can have thrush even if your ds isn't showing symptoms in his mouth.

Have a look at this from the Breastfeeding Network: eeding.html

The symptoms of thrush in the mother are:

Sudden start of breast and/or nipple pain after some days or weeks of pain-free breastfeeding – the nipple may also be itchy or be super-sensitive to any touch – even by loose clothes

shooting pains in the breast (may be deep in the breast) after feeding – pain can be severe and can last for up to an hour after the feed

cracked nipples which don't heal despite optimising attachment (may be accompanied by bacterial infection)

permanent (not transient) loss of colour in the nipple or areola

pain occurs in both breasts (except in the very early stages) because the baby transfers the infection from one nipple to the other during feeding

Albrecht Sun 28-Nov-10 11:45:48

I thought I might have thrush but it turned out to be the latch, as milk was not being drained efficiently enough = pain throughout whole breast.

Def think you need someone to watch you feed. In the meantime I'd just keep taking him off again and again if you feel he is just sucking on nipple.

Hope it improves soon. Can you get MIL to do something useful for you - housework etc rather than fussy?

SilverSky Sun 28-Nov-10 14:11:55

Thanks all!!!

Last night HI helped with different positions for me and the baby to feed. The feeds I've given him today haven't been as painful so I am inclined and hoping it's the latch and not thrush.

I've also dug out my lanisoh and am using that so that should also help with the soreness.

I agree that someone in "the know" needs to watch us feed so we can identify the problem and get it fixed and soon. Roll on Tuesdays bf clinic. Let's hope I get a nice sympathetic advisor and that the baby behaves as he normally would.

No doubt I am the issue!!

I am praying it's the latch as thrush looks like a right faff to fix ESP treating the baby. Will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Once again thank you for all your comments. Forums are invaluable for support/advice ESP in the middle of the night/weekends!!

CherryPie3 Sun 28-Nov-10 14:59:23

Hi silversky, I had exactly the same symptoms as you and i ended up being diagnosed with thrush, my little ds was given drops for him mouth (can't remember the name if them but they had a v.distinctive smell) and clotrimazole cream for his bum, I was give fluconazole.

As for the feeding position, I'm large busted too and the position I found best all round was 'rugby ball' with ds on a cushion curled around my side with his chin kind of pointing to my armpit - does that make sense?? I hadnt even thought of this position until I sobbed to the bf support ladies at my local clinic telling them nobeau could I continue with this pain!! . They even loaned me an NCT lapsac (like a little beanbag - invaluable) until I could
purchase one of my own.
Also found nipple shields a fantastic help and I definitely would have quit bf the bf clinic ladies hadn't mentioned them.

I used the shields for about 8wks until I was brave enough to feed without them, also at the same time I switched back to cradle position as my baby was bigger.

I hope this helps somehow, I know exactly how you feel!!!!!

CherryPie3 Sun 28-Nov-10 15:00:38

Nystatin - that was the name of the drops! Smell luverly

Ds is 5mths old now and still bf against all odds

deleting Sun 28-Nov-10 17:17:58

I would see gp for proper diagnosis to see if it's thrush. the hv might just look for the obvious signs, but as moonunit said, doesn't always have any outward symptoms. Don't see how your breasts would be painful and tingly from an incorrect latch. Hope you can get it sorted soon, i know feeding can be painful at first, even with a good latch, but should be improving, not getting worse. Try the doctor.

SilverSky Sun 28-Nov-10 20:58:55

Thanks Cherry, moonunit and deleting. I will get to the bottom of it.

The pain has come back so I suspect it is thrush. Arses.

Hopefully I can get seen asap.

MoonUnitAlpha Sun 28-Nov-10 21:21:04

It might be worth printing out the Breastfeeding Network leaflet to take to the doctor with you. I was lucky that my HV and GP are quite clued up about breastfeeding, but have heard tales of doctors not "believing" in breast thrush or refusing to prescribe drugs to breastfeeding mothers.

SilverSky Sun 28-Nov-10 23:23:44

Will do. My GP is pretty fab so hopefully will be onboard. My only problem will be getting an appt anytime soon!!!

Dozeyland Mon 29-Nov-10 14:22:52

OP - I feel your pain

After feeding my breast is tingly, feels hot. I've just fed him now and my breasts are v painful. I am not sure I this is just a latch issue.

In short, I am miserable. I cry when I feed coz it hurts. The baby arches and pulls on my nipple. Not sure if due to colic, reflux or oversupply. All I know is i cannot carry on. I want to stick with bf'ing but the pain is getting too much.

---- This is exactly how i feel ----

On week 2-3 i had mastitis, which is now hopefully clearing. DD latched wrong and has given me a open wound on my left, i have a cyst on my left too so that confuses her latch - excrutiating.

as for the pain after feeds - oh yes that is like no other isnt it. its like a sharp/cold/razor feeling.

when i feed on my good side DD gets overloaded with let down and gags, unsettled once finished (since last week) and yeah she pulls off and doesnt let go too - OUCH.

i feel for you. every night i say i can't do this. every feed on my left i cry, try not to scream and just break down.

have you tried expressing?

SilverSky Mon 29-Nov-10 17:26:26

dozey are you me!? Seriously that is spooky!!

Have you been to any clinics or seem your GP?

I fed on the right about an hr ago which hurt and is still tingling now. Ds enter feeding again about 30 mins ago so fed on the left. Did nit hurt go start with but as the feed went on the sharp pains kicked in.

Ds was pulling on the nip but I can't even delatch him cos my boob hurts if touched so I can't even delatch DS as too painful.

I will report back on what the bf clinic say. I dread eveu feed and typically Ds is in cluster feeding mode. <wails>

SilverSky Mon 29-Nov-10 17:36:35

Not tried expressing yet as thought it might be too early to do so ? Have you?

Dozeyland Mon 29-Nov-10 19:32:46

That is spooky haha!

I started expressing early on. then stopped and just fed on both sides.

Oh when they pull the nip - ouch! I go to BabyCafe every Tuesday and see BFC there. I went to my GP and they said everything is normal. I dont think my cyst is normal but they don't listen to me!

I tried feeding on my painful side earlier in the "rugby position" didnt hurt as much as it normally does but that might be because i hand expressed & electric pumped that side like an 30mins before so the nipple was quite flexy maybe? still dread feeding that side though. especially at night time/early hour feed.

the after pains are horrid aren't they, i feel even worse when im outside in this cold too, my boobs literally feel like they are going to explode with pain!
and when i get out the bath/shower, nothing can touch them otherwise i yelp! ouch

Yeah keep us updated with the BF clinic x

SilverSky Tue 30-Nov-10 21:00:41

Well went to clinic despite the snow trying to stuff up my plans.

In short the BFC reco'd GP appt as believes it could potentially be thrush. Ds has White on his Tongue but it's not in the classic area which is the tip or round the front gums. Instead he has it at the back of his Tongue.

I've been advised that in the meantime paracetamol will help with the pain.

I am also going to quote the bfn leaflet so that I can be prescribed the Daktarin and fluco wotsit. I have been warned about resistance to the gel for young babies due to potential choking as it's a thick sticky gel tho it's possible to use a very thin smear and no problems.

Wish me luck!

Hopefully the days of tingly and painful boobs are very much numbered. Bloody hope so.

dozey go back to your gp or see another one. It's not on that you are left to suffer and simply accept that bf'ing for you has to be painful like that. I can't carry on and my situ is not a bad as yours as I don't have an open wound. If I did I think I would have Given up by now. Totally admire your immense courage to perservere I really do. Still think you should go back and be seen again and refuse to move
til you've been given proper help.

SilverSky Tue 30-Nov-10 21:03:06

dozey ps I am in the next county south of you!

MoonUnitAlpha Tue 30-Nov-10 21:29:16

My ds first had the daktarin gel at 11 days, so it's very possible to use safely. I used to smear some on my nipple before the feed so he got it in his mouth while feeding, and then smeared another little bit round his mouth after. He loved the taste of it hmm

Dozeyland Tue 30-Nov-10 22:33:43

Me & DD have thrush, going to the doctors omorrow for treatment. hoping for daktarin.

Silversky yes i got told that too aout choking hazard but i also have some paperwork to backup my wanting daktarin.

Good luck silversky - let us know how you get on!

What county?

SilverSky Wed 01-Dec-10 02:11:26

dozey how do you know it's thrush?

moon good to hear. Did you have Daktarin cream for your breasts!?How long til the meds kicked in ?

I read that thrush is common in babies that are overdue. My Ds was overdue.

MoonUnitAlpha Wed 01-Dec-10 09:52:51

I had canestan for my nipples, daktarin gel for ds mouth, and daktarin cream for thrush nappy rash. Initially there was just thrush in his mouth and the gel cleared it in a few days, then he got the rash on his bottom - had to treat all of it simultaneously. The daktarin cream didn't clear the rash though so had to go back for canestan hc cream which did work.

We had nystatin drops initially which were useless - the HV even said they'd be useless!

I didn't have breast pain, so didn't need fluconazole - it was mostly ds who was suffering. I'm afraid it didn't clear entirely til he was 8 weeks old. We were given antibiotics after the birth which is what I think started it.

Dozeyland Wed 01-Dec-10 13:38:15

My DD was 5 days overdue.

I went to babyCafe & also doctors.
Got prescribed today with Daktarin for DD and cream for nips for me

SilverSky Wed 01-Dec-10 22:19:50

What cream is it for your nips?

SilverSky Thu 02-Dec-10 02:00:50

I got Daktarin gel for Ds on script. I forgot to ask for the cream for me but you Can buy OTC.

Was a bit nervous about using the cream on me as the leaflet inside says all sorts and made me doubt using it. The BFN advice has swayed me to give it a go plus I am only using a fine smear.

Has anyone else used the cream??????? How long between feeds after applying cream???

Will go back to ask for the Fluco wotsit as emergency gp said the pain was a latch thing. I'm not convinced.

I think thrush Is poss the worst thing ever.

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