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ill and bf'ing

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muslimah28 Sat 27-Nov-10 21:11:08

beung ill when youre breastfeeding is soooo hard. Just come down with a nasty vomitting bug. And ds is going to wake 7-8 times tonight if my sleep journal i kept last nught is anythng to go by.

How do you cope??


Towanmummies Sat 27-Nov-10 21:18:28

a few weeks ago i had mastitis (although we didn't realise it at first) had temp of 104 so my mother slept on the sofa with sprog in his moses basket, i was in the big bed with sweat pouring off me, and DP was in the spare room as she'd been up for ages and had to go to work.
if you can't get any help like that, just have plenty of fluids like dioralyte, any medication you can (check first) and feed lying down. if it gets too bad ring the doctors and insist on a home visit- tell them you're breastfeeding. unless they want you to be very sick in their waiting room.
Sod the housework, and sod anyone else unless they do the washing up.
get better soon xx

muslimah28 Sun 28-Nov-10 14:52:28

thanks so much
towanmummies. Sounds like u had it rough, hope its all over now.

Dh was supposed to work today -hes a pharmacist-but he did a late sat night ring round and managed to get cover. So hes been looking after me today and last night. Im over the vomitting now but v weak and drained.

I was just so scared last night if the vomitting carried on my milk would be affected...

Still only on liquids but hopefully am on the up now...

Thanks again

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