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11 week old teething?

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babylayla Fri 26-Nov-10 21:00:38

Hi, my little girl is 11 weeks and wondering if she could have started to teeth??

She had started to really dribble (drool almost)last week lasted about two days, was also getting very upset (usually quite content baby), and moving her head side to side trying to knaw on her hands quite frustrated. This stopped for about 7-10 days and she started doing same thing again yesterday. I can see a couple of little white bumps in her mouth. Do you think she could be teething and how can i help her?

I gave her a little 2.5ml spoon of calpol before she went to sleep and BF (think this was for comfort too though) she was ok after about an hour.

Pleeease help, really horrible to see her this upset

Thanks, x

singalongamumum Sat 27-Nov-10 09:08:08

Sounds very toothy to me! You could try teething powders/ gel you can get from places like Boots. Or find something nice for her to chew on- my DD loves her brother's little wooden people when teething! I always did comfort feeding, but get yourself some nipple cream as that can put extra pressure on the old nipples and make them sore.

It is hard to see them in discomfort, but the great thing is when it's gone, it's gone, they live in the moment so for them it's like it never happened. Meanwhile, the shadows under the eyes are our reminder!

Good luck

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