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Am I being mean?

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working9while5 Fri 26-Nov-10 20:04:04

My baby boy is going to be one on Wednesday.
He has been transitioning to nursery for the last few weeks. When I return to work next week, he will be going to nursery between 2 and 3 days a week (alternating 2day/3day week).

He is still breastfeeding though he has taken one bottle of formula since he was extremely young due to weight gain issues/failure to thrive.

Before starting nursery, he was having a breastfeed in the morning and evening, at 11 or 2 and sometimes both, in the evening and a late night combi-feed (breastfeed until grumbling, then a formula top up) with breastfeeds overnight (although he was sometimes sleeping through).

At nursery he is not taking any milk all day though he has some water with his lunch. I didn't really know what to say to them to do in terms of milk.. and so far he has only done one full day.

Since starting nursery, when he is home he is feeding from me a lot more for comfort and has pretty much stopped the formula at night. If he hurts himself or falls over he crawls over to ask for "boo" and pulls down my top.

I feel it's a bit mean that as well as having to transition to being without me that he has no milk at nursery but I don't really know what to do about it. He is one this week so I guess he could have some cow's milk then? Is it mean for him not to have a bottle there? Should I day wean him on the other days/stop giving it to him for comfort as he can't use this strategy for comfort in nursery?

Feliena Fri 26-Nov-10 20:14:37

i havent brest fed so im not the ideal person to respond but i would say that you should do the same thing each day regardless of weather he is at nursery or not otherwise you could have issues with him not wanting to go or getting extremly upset/anctious when you are not around to feed him.

dont know much about them (ds only 8 weeks)but have you considered follow on milks? might help bridge the gap if you dont feel ready to give him cows milk x

RubyBuckleberry Fri 26-Nov-10 20:49:34

its absolutely fine. he can easily have cow's milk in a beaker at nursery (don't worry if he doesn't drink it immediately, just keep offering). he probably really likes the breastfeeding as a way of reconnecting with you in this time of change for him and it continues to be really good for him.

this has some good things in it

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