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Is there a follow on soya milk?

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Henda Thu 22-Sep-05 21:56:55

Hey everyone! My DS has been on Wysoy pretty much since day one. He is now seven months, and i was wondering if it is necessary to start him on a follow on milk lf any exist that is soya based??? I never see the HV anymore, since i've been back at work. Please help

narmada Sun 07-Apr-13 21:46:45

Is your baby a boy, samadhi? Cos if so I would really look at other alternatives apart from soy.

Like your GP says, by and large follow-on formulas are a waste of everyone's time and money! they are just ways (in the UK at least) for formula companies to market their products. There is little nutritional difference between stage 1 and follow-on. Where do you live? I have never heard of the milk you mention.

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