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Is there a follow on soya milk?

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Henda Thu 22-Sep-05 21:56:55

Hey everyone! My DS has been on Wysoy pretty much since day one. He is now seven months, and i was wondering if it is necessary to start him on a follow on milk lf any exist that is soya based??? I never see the HV anymore, since i've been back at work. Please help

Moomin Thu 22-Sep-05 22:12:12

As far as I know there is no actual need for follow-on milk at all - it's a marketing ploy used by formula companies so that they can advertise, as they're not allowed to advertise 'first' milk.

So really, I wouldn't worry about a follow-on, just continue to use the soya milk your ds seems so happy with! Any extra vits and minerals can be gained through his solid food which I assume you will have started him on recently, and this will help hunger levels as well.

rummum Thu 22-Sep-05 22:39:31

Hi henda... why is he on wysoy? is he allergic to dairy? I'm sure they can have long life soya milk as a main drink when they are 2... but it can be used in cooking before then...

Son is allergic to dairy and this is what we had to do for him... (can't find any information on the soya carton though...)

the wysoy costs a fortune doesn't it...

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 19:54:40

blimey. didn't realise that follow on stuff was a ploy! And, yes, he is allergic to dairy, and yes it costs a FORTUNE. Its not fair

starlover Sat 24-Sep-05 19:57:14

gosh, i always thought you could get it on prescription if your child had an allergy

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 20:07:49

you can, but my surgery makes it quite clear that they don't like to supply it all, and will only issue scripts for it now and again

starlover Sat 24-Sep-05 20:10:53

hmmm well if they are entitled to it then i would demand it!
that's like saying "your asthma inhalers are too expensive, so we'll only give you a few"

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 20:17:35

yeah, i suppose so. its a bit tight eh? I'm gonna put in the repeat on Monday!!

starlover Sat 24-Sep-05 20:18:26

yeah, i would... and i would keep on doing it! if he's entitled to it then get it!
having said that, i think i have a reputation as a "problem patient" at our surgery

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 20:19:21


starlover Sat 24-Sep-05 20:22:55

it does seem very odd though, i have a friend here who had it for a year for her little boy... all on prescription!

i guess it depends where you live

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 20:29:10

I suppose if i just went and put my repeats in, they're not going to stop me. It was the HV who told me in the first place. I'm going to take your advice and just do it. sod it, i've been buying it most of the time up to now. I've paid enough national insurance in my time, i'm going to make the most of it!!

starlover Sat 24-Sep-05 20:30:57

too right! go for it!

he is entitled to it... it's not like it's your choice

Henda Sat 24-Sep-05 20:32:10


rummum Sun 25-Sep-05 10:33:31

The locum doctor that I used to see refused to give it to me on perscription as she said that she didn't think that son had an allergy...
I saw my usual doctor and he did think that son had an allergy.. and gave it to me on perscription. when it was proved at the hospital with allergy tests that son did indeed have a very sever milk, egg and nut allergy, I could have gone back and hit her over the head with some thing heavy... just as well that she had left by then...

chatee Sun 25-Sep-05 10:48:04

i have 6 unopened boxes of WYSOY milk that was sent to me direct from SMA after they had a recall on a certain production line that are dated until next year.......dd has since moved on to Tesco sweetened soya milk
Free for postage/courier/collection if you would like them(whichever is the cheapest)

Henda Mon 26-Sep-05 20:21:11

how long did your dd stay on wysoy?

mummytosteven Mon 26-Sep-05 20:25:51

i really wouldn't bother with changing him to follow on.

Henda Mon 26-Sep-05 20:31:10

i just didn't know whether there was one or not. He's a right chunk, so he's certainly not under-nourished!

BabySamadhi Thu 28-Mar-13 00:54:53

Hi, my 5 mth old LO has been on Friso Soy since 1mth old. I have only seen Isomil advance soy milk formula follow on (stages1,2 & 3). But there isn't any under Friso. My mother claims that all Friso formulas are soy based... I'm not too sure. Is this true? If so, do u have links I can read?

I understand follow on begins at the 6th month but I would like to get prepared.

scissy Thu 28-Mar-13 21:25:21

as an aside, I've noticed that alpro do a toddler version of regular soya milk that you can use from age 1 rather than 2 - it has iron and some other additional vitamins to regular soya added. not sure how much it costs though (it's next to my regular soya milk in the supermarket)

narmada Thu 28-Mar-13 21:45:28

It should NOT be up to you to buy the formula if your son is allergic. Actually, your GP has been pretty negligent because the NHS do not recommend soy formula for baby boys who are allergic to cow's milk. He should have been prescribed a hydrolysed formula.

I would go back to the GP to be honest, and insist on something different, and ask him/ her whether he has not read the evidence on phytoestogens in soy products. Not to mention the sugar levels.....

Sorry, not helpful, but I am cross on your behalf.

narmada Thu 28-Mar-13 21:46:07

Whether they have not read.... dearie me.

narmada Thu 28-Mar-13 21:51:34

Hang on, this is a ZOMBIE THREAD. From eight years ago. The OPs child will be nearly nine now grin.

BabySamadhi Sun 07-Apr-13 14:36:59

I've heard from my GP, She said that It's alright to continue Friso Soy til 1 year of age since baby will receive nutrition from other foods... thats our duty...

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