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weight gain question,is 400g a month enough?

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pombal Thu 25-Nov-10 10:07:37


My LO is 23 weeks old and had his monthly weigh in, vaccinations yesterday. He'd put on 400g which is about 14oz I think (sorry live abroad and it's metric here).
The nurse didn't comment on his weight but it seems a bit borderline to me. Just wondered what others thought.
He is currently EBF, I relactated when he was 6 weeks old so he has also been mix fed and totally FF at different times.
He seems otherwise well, but I'm thinking about reintroducing some formula to maintain his weight gain if necessary. I have got the BF as good as I can get it, feed him 2 hourly, 3 x over night, compression, switch nursing.
Would prefer to mix feed with good weight gain than EBF with crappy weight gain but not sure if there is really a problem?

Thanks for any advice

tiktok Thu 25-Nov-10 10:14:22

pombal - no baby should ever be assessed on weight alone.

The actual amount gained in any one time is of less significance than the overall pattern.

Your baby's growth is prob being plotted on a chart - is this not happening where you are?

Current guidance is that it is normal to stay within 2 centile lines of the line on the chart which the baby is on once he reaches birthweight. If he gains/loses weight and strays above/below this 2 centile line area, then he would be referred or else his feeding etc would be looked at. Vast majority of babies who are referred/looked at are fine.

There is a slowing of the rate of weight gain anyway, totally physiologically, as a baby gets older.

Does this help?

pombal Thu 25-Nov-10 10:32:50

Thank you tiktok this does help. He has slipped from 75th centile for weight to 50th, but was on 50th when he was first born.

He does seem completely fine in all other respects, so probably not a problem. He has a routine paed appointment in 3 weeks so will hold off on the Aptamil till then all else being fine

tiktok Thu 25-Nov-10 10:49:56

He sounds absolutely fine - seems to me you had a worrying time in the early weeks and it's taking a while for you to simply accept that all is well now

That - lingering worry - is normal, but it's not necessary

pombal Thu 25-Nov-10 11:59:44

Hit the nail on the head tiktok. Thanks again for your advice .

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