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If lo doesn't have finish feed

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alfiemama Wed 24-Nov-10 22:37:48

If lo doesn't finish of a bottle of room temp ebm, I know it says you don't have to dump it but do you have to use a new sterilised bottle, as she has fed from it?


ClimberChick Thu 25-Nov-10 01:55:30

in a word: no

it's the antibacterial properties of breastmilk that make it OK, so fresh stuff is fine. Probably more sterile than a clean bottle. I wouldn't leave defrosted milk at room temp if I didn't need to though (put in fridge between feeds). The freezing process kills some of the goodness, so it's more akin to formula milk handling.

alfiemama Thu 25-Nov-10 13:01:32

Thanks ClimberChick.

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