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Should I only BF if DD asks?

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Lynzjam Wed 24-Nov-10 20:30:24

DD is 10 weeks old.

I sometimes wonder if I BF her too much. Reason I think this is during her alert periods, I tend to put her back on the breast after playing with her. I do it before she cries for it as I'm a bit tired and just want to sit quietly with her.

Is it terrible i find entertaining her tiring? She is changing so much right now and reaches out to toys etc. When she talks away, I answer back and stuff.

She never refuses a feed and to be honest, I'd rather she was feeding than sitting up alert, because she spews everywhere numerous times after feeds.

I'm feeling a bit guilty here. Anyone know what I'm on about? Not sure my post has a question confused

Lastyearsmodel Wed 24-Nov-10 20:37:05

No such thing as bf too much.

DD2 is 11wo and only just getting interesting grin. Entertaining her for longer than a few minutes isn't really necessary, imo - they are so interetsed in what's going on around them.

I do know what you mean about the guilt, though - I felt it with my first too. Now I feel guilty for shouting at the older 2 too loudly and barely looking at DD2 during feeds.

Then just wait till she's 4 and you have to a patient for days on end, or wants you to do play schools for hours on end - you'll long for days when you could plonk her under a baby gym.

Lastyearsmodel Wed 24-Nov-10 20:37:45

that should be 'be a patient'

jaggythistle Wed 24-Nov-10 21:29:17

I don't think she would take any if she didn't want it.

Unfortunately my DS still spewed regularly even when he started sitting up by himself! He'd be sitting there playing happily then you'd turn round and he'd be all sick. I think the volume did decrease to dribbles eventually though...

I think you may actually have witnessed it coming out of his nose if I recall correctly. smile

You are doing a great job and I am sure she loves lying feeding with mummy for hours grin

It is best to feed before they cry for it, as I believe that is the last sign of hunger (not sure where I read that) Also gives you a chance to put your feet up of course.

This time next year you'll be wandering around holding her hand...

jaggythistle Wed 24-Nov-10 21:38:04

(Just joining in in the 'just you wait' bit there hehe!)

Not sure if I had a point either hmm

Lynzjam Thu 25-Nov-10 03:52:22

lastyearsmodel yeh you got a point there, sometimes it's difficult to make eye contact as she's so absorbed in her surroundings. Once I get contact she gives me gummy smiles :-)

jaggythistle man what's with the sick out the nose! Happened a few times today when she was feeding. Means I have to pick out milky bogies! Yeh time will fly! Should enjoy quiet feeds while I can.

Right, time to stick her back in her bed! Night feed over [tired face]

jaggythistle Thu 25-Nov-10 05:14:17

I think we only got sick out the nose a couple of times!

your DD does sound quite sicky when you talk about her, but not sure if i just can't remember that far back.

i remember cleaning sick up that escaped through the bars of his crib when i put him down and sitting him on my knee to put his socks on before going out and then having to change all his clothes and some of mine!

also most pics of him included a bib at first and he played on the floor on a playmat or throw until he could escape, now that i think of it! must have been leaky for a while but i think it improved over time.


mousesma Thu 25-Nov-10 07:28:43

I also think you can't BF too much especially if she's gaining weight normally. Babies can control the flow when BF and she may be comfort sucking rather than feeding.

If she doesn't want to do it she will let you know. My DD accepted the boob whenever it was offered until about 14 weeks when she started to be more interested in doing other things.

At 10 wo she's not really capable of concentrating on anything longer than 40 mins max and if you play with her too much theres a danger she will get overstimulated and grumpy. Also at this age the smallest things are fascinating even now DD 19 weeks will spend 30 mins staring at her hands or feet like they the most exciting things she's ever seen.

My DD is still quite a sicky baby, it's not reflux because the sick never causes her discomfort but she's sick after almost every feed. I think it's mostly down to milk laying on top of trapped wind, no matter how hard I try I never seem to get all the wind up. Maybe your DD has the same problem?

Lynzjam Thu 25-Nov-10 07:54:21

Hi mousesma, I'm not sure whether it's reflux. The problem is there are too many symptoms that are associated with it when some of them are seen as normal for new wee babies. Know what I mean?

Didn't want to go down the medication route cuz I read they can cause constipation. I'll just stick to washing everyday.

She doesn't seem bothered by it either, and usually always brings up sick with a burp. To be honest, I don't spend much time burping her. When I sit her up she burps right away. Not sure if I should spend longer burping....

mousesma Thu 25-Nov-10 08:26:16

Lynzjam I know exactly what you mean
I've thought about taking DD to the doctors to check for reflux but she genuinely doesn't seem bothered by the fact shes sick so often so I've left it.

If the sick isn't really bothering you or her then you should just keep doing what you are doing. No need to change things if its working for you!

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