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Any mums struggling and thinking about giving up in Yorkshire?

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tamararama Wed 24-Nov-10 13:52:42

Hope everyones good? I havent visited for ages wonder if anyone remembers me?
My friend shared this from facebook today and thought I would share it on in case it could help anyone or the Facebook group I joined which is eeding-Support/153090444736198
I think this is the same woman who writes the analytical armadillo blog but this is face to face home support in Yorkshire at what looks like really good prices compared to consultants and free internet and email to mums not in that area. Its quite new but the Facebook group looks interesting and if its the same person have heard shes really good.

Hope it will be helpfull to someone struggling, have been there and it can be tough

RubyBuckleberry Wed 24-Nov-10 19:21:35

i think this is great - awesome idea. good effort the two people running the show. one thing i don't like though is the way the site negates all the good work that lots of peer counsellors are doing. sad i had some wonderful peer counsellors help me and i know there are a few on here that really help people. its almost as if they are trying to pump up their business by saying how rubbish others are at breastfeeding support. i really think that the well trained peer counsellor who has ongoing support and supervision can deal with most of the normal breastfeeding problems that women face every day - most women, after all, can breastfeed happily with the right information. even if they have 'only' had twelve weeks training. i also think one of the ways to really sort out breastfeeding is to take it back to a community level, rather than it being seen as something only an expert can do/help with.

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