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Mastitis, blocked ducts and antibiotics

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LaTristesse Wed 24-Nov-10 09:09:34

My GP has said I have the beginnings of mastitis and prescribed ABs, but what I forgot to ask is whether these will clear everything up if the duct is still blocked, or do they help clear the blockage too?
Can anyone help please?

eachpeach80 Wed 24-Nov-10 09:36:15

No, they will only clear the infection. You need to get rid of the blockage in the usual way ie massage, feeding and heat.

marzipananimal Wed 24-Nov-10 09:42:28

in my (sadly extensive) experience, the ABs should clear the infection - flu symptoms and redness will go - but you could still have a blockage. You need to try and shift the blockage with massage, feeding/expressing. Taking ibuprofen can help as it reduces inflammation.
If there's still a lump when you finish ABs (you should have 10-14 days worth) i would go back to GP (not that they'll do anything other than suggest more ABs).

I had mastits come on 3.5 weeks ago, had ABs. Pain, redness and illness gone butlump still there, aargh! (think that's unusual though, theynormally clear very quickly)

LaTristesse Wed 24-Nov-10 13:38:21

Lovely, thanks to both of you!

Ducky5867 Thu 25-Nov-10 11:29:51

I always find hot baths help - make sure breast is completely under water and massage a bit whilst in the bath.

LaTristesse Thu 25-Nov-10 11:52:02

Thanks Ducky... can I ask how long it usually takes to unblock? I've been doing this for 4 days now and I can still feel lumps...

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