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Swapping nighttime and morning feeds to cows milk

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Labella77 Tue 23-Nov-10 19:48:31

Hi there,
i was after a bit of advice of the final stage of weaning dd off boobs entirely. she is 14m and has boobs before bed and as soon as she wakes in the am. She feeds to sleep in the evening. She has only ever had breast milk.
I am pregnant and want to stop soon so am looking for a weaning plan really i guess.
She associates going to sleep with me, and the few times i haven't been around, she hasn't been too happy about it.
Apart from on her weetabix she hasn't had cows milk, do you heat it up? won't it taste completely wierd?
Here's what i thought.
the husband can give her a bottle (or cup? which?) for a week and stay with her until she goes to sleep. Then i'll be able to do the milk and put her to bed.

Once we've cracked that then we do the mornings, which i think will be trickier. She gets her boobs when she wakes, which can be any time from 6am and she has that in bed with us. Bed rules are we don't get out again until 7am.
Do you think that again, the husband should do the milk, to stop the association with me? i'm all a bit confused about it all.

Any advice welcome.

MissMarjoribanks Tue 23-Nov-10 20:00:08

No advice, I'm afraid, but marking my place as I'm about to do the same with my soon to be 12mo DS.

RubyBuckleberry Tue 23-Nov-10 20:00:48

my ds prefers his cow's milk warm and will actually glug it if its warm. i just stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds. he will sip it straight out of the fridge but i think it must feel a bit cold (bm is body temperature so will be warm.)

you can try gently finishing the feed before she is asleep to give her more practice at falling asleep. (in the no cry sleep solution book i think). do this over a few weeks until you've changed the routine a bit and she is used to settling on her own. and then you can start to offer her cow's milk but if she says no, don't make a big deal of it. keep offering it and she may take more and more. don't stress too much if she doesn't want it though - she can always have it during the day - if she can last till breakfast, she doesn't have to have a bedtime snack.

hth. its very hard to navigate the whole thing - my ds is 13.5 months and sometimes he objects to going to bed breastmilk or not! sometimes he is just not interested. i am still offering but he is getting less and less interested so i might just not offer. and sometimes he is just having such fun up and about that bed is the last thing he wants, tired or not confused.

RubyBuckleberry Tue 23-Nov-10 20:01:35

at this stage go for a cup def. otherwise you will have to wean her off the bottle when she is 2!

RubyBuckleberry Tue 23-Nov-10 20:02:13

re the morning, you just might have to get up straight away and go straight into breakfast...

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