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Breastfeeding query

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Dozeyland Sun 21-Nov-10 12:55:08

DD will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday. BF is going well (in her case, feeding well & putting on weight) in my case it is still very sore.. especially on my left side..

Also when i feed off my right (i do tend to alternate each feed)where it gets so full, the milk squirts everywhere and the flow is very fast in the first stage.

is this normal?

I just can't wait until the soreness goes away as i do enjoy BF. homany more weeks do you think?

Also i find at the mo, if i express - this mucks up the system by making me engorged...

PassionKiss Sun 21-Nov-10 13:18:22

I think your supply will settle down soon so you will have less issues with fast let down leaking etc. (I didn't really get this but I'm sure someone will have advice on when things settle down more)

I was sore on one side for ages (first three months or so). Best advice I got was: If it's sore when baby latches on, take her off (using little finger to break suction) and then try again. You probably don't have the latch quite right on that side - it does resolve as baby gets bigger and can open mouth wider.

Lifesaver for me was Lanisol (sp?) cream (in purple tube) Use after every feed and it really helps.

Sorry don't have experience of expressing - I just found it a huge hassle and never got more than a few ounces out!

nymphadora Sun 21-Nov-10 13:28:01

Dd3 had trouble with my fast let down but it seems sorted now & she is 6 weeks

Albrecht Sun 21-Nov-10 13:52:56

I found around 5/6 wks it got much less painful. I did as PassionKiss recommends above - taking them off again and again if its not right. Also agree its so much easier the bigger their mouth gets. Also remember if they have done some damage in the early days it may be a bit sore as it heals.

Has a breastfeeding expert watched you feed - a slightly different position on the sore side might help.

Also I THINK (someone more experienced please correct me if I'm wrong) its better to offer both sides at each feed. At the next feed I start with the one we finished with IYSWIM. But the engorgement should settle soon anyway as your supply gets established.

I didn't get on with expressing either. Don't bother unless you have to!

Its great that you are enjoying it already!

Dozeyland Sun 21-Nov-10 15:50:11

My left side is slightly flat & i think the reason it hurts so much is DD trying to pull the nipple out.

My cousin is BF councellor and she said latch is fine. just need to keep feeding on left side too so DD can get it pulling out!

Excrutiating pain though. i actually cry my heart out everytime i feed off the left. its so bad for the like first 5 mins then eases off but they're both still tender.........

Yep I use lansinoh cream, and tried advent and kamsimolan (spl) one

PassionKiss Sun 21-Nov-10 17:09:49

Dozeyland sad - sorry you are in tears with the pain. As I said, I found the first three months hard work, it wasn't agony all the time but I did have some very bad days!

I seem to remember being told that if the pain goes off a bit while you're feeding then your latch is probably ok. It's probably just still sore from the original damage. Not much help to you though!

You can take paracetamol and ibroprofan as well.

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