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Teething question!?!

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Angiebops Sun 21-Nov-10 04:19:36

Help I need some advice! My 9month old is cutting his 5th tooth. They other teeth came through with little problems. But this 5th tooth is half way out and he is miserable. Problem is he has had diarrheoa for the past 3-4 days (very watery, having 4-5 motions a day. normally has 1-2 formed stools a day.)And he has also been spiking temperatures (which ease with paracetamol). I have been getting mixed messages about whether diarrheoa and fever are related to the teething or something else i need to be concerned about. Any advice from from anyone who has had a similar situation?? (Btw he has been breastfed until 8 months). Many thanks.

raspberrysanmurraspberrys Sun 21-Nov-10 18:36:13

hi angiebops, arhhh bless him he sounds like hes having a rough old time, im a childcare practioner and look after lots of teething children, its very common for children to run a low temp and have diarrheoa whilst cutting teeth,make sure hes having twice as much fluids as normal to ensure he doesnt become dehydrated, an if it persists id just get him checked out, hope he feels better soon

Angiebops Mon 22-Nov-10 01:28:24

thanks raspberry, temp and diarrheoa has settled, he now has a rash so am going to get him checked out by doctor. thanks for the reply.

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