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Help! Sniffly baby not feeding well. Do I need to express?

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Mothigail Sat 20-Nov-10 11:55:48

My four month old - usually a once-every-two-hours feeder - has a cough and a cold. I have (have had?) mastitis for the past 3 days, now on antibiotics, feeling better. DS also had vaccinations last night and is generally a bit meh meh meh. Spitting out Calpol very efficiently but now not feeling too hot.

He fed at 2am (JUST) and again at 8am (JUST) and only just now (11.30am) for a few minutes. He is not listless (YET???) but I am worried about milk supply and making sure he gets better.

He's hardly screaming for food. Just gets frustrated with feeding and stops. Now playing on mat.

We are doing all the usual steamy house, saline drips (not working, seems!) stuff to try to make feeding easier. We also had no joy with an aspirator.

Sorry, I'll cut to it:

Should I be pumping milk? (He won't take it from a bottle, but for my supply)

Should I be giving him cooled boiled water to replace fluids?

Thank you in advance....

BollocksToThis Sat 20-Nov-10 12:54:11

Breast milk is better than boiled water. Easily digested, nourishing, hydrating and full of amazing immunological wizardry. Re pumping, I think from his point of view it's probably unnecessary at this stage but I'd imagine if you're getting over mastitis it could be beneficial to you to empty the breast. I'm no expert though - perhaps one of the helplines would be worth a call? Hope he feels better soon. DD's only 8 weeks and on her second cold, thanks to big brother sharing his germs, and it's miserable isn't it?

Mothigail Sat 20-Nov-10 12:58:11

It's HORRIBLE! On top of his frustration, I'm so used to the feeling that my breasts are full of some addictive substance. To go from that to these bitty little feeds is unsettling - apparently for me, mostly.

I kind of thought the same re: breastmilk.

The mastitis seems to be clearing but perhaps I'll pump if I feel "full". I really don't at the moment. It's odd...

THANK you.

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