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exercise and BF

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jandmmum Sat 20-Nov-10 08:32:31

I want to start training for a half marathon in May. Is it ok to start training or will it effect my milk supply / quality. Any tips? Also anyone suggest a good sports bra as I'm pretty certain my old ones won't fit at the moment...I'm quite well endowned so would need plenty of support.

Ineedsomesleep Sat 20-Nov-10 08:53:40

How old is your LO jandmmum?

barkfox Sat 20-Nov-10 11:27:39

I really hope you get to do this jandmum - I'm a frustrated runner, and really missing it. I have no idea whether running would affect milk supply or quality - but something to look out for is mastitis.

I don't want to be a wet blanket, I'm just sharing my experiences - my BF boobs are huge (they were before, really). If I run without enough support, they move around too much and breast tissue gets bruised, and hey presto, mastitis!

However, if I wear a bra (or two) tight and supportive enough to stop them moving too much, then unfortunately that's so constrictive, it compresses breast tissue and bruises it, and guess what, mastitis....

SO frustrating. Anyhoo - this bra - =b4490_impact_level_4_max_support_sports_bra&produ ctid=65 is the best I've found for minimising bounce so far. Boobydo sell a lot of good Shock Absorber bras, and that's been the best for me. Good luck.

jandmmum Sat 20-Nov-10 12:24:28

my LO is 15 weeks now and will be 9 months by time of run. am currently wearing 34E was 36C. Friends LO has just been diagnosed with autism and her and her DH are going to run for National
Autism Society. Thought it would be nice to support her and get fit at same time. Haven't run in over a year and have only done 10ks before so would need to do a lot of training.
Thanks for the advice barkfox hadn't even thought of that

togarama Sat 20-Nov-10 12:26:13

IME it wasn't a problem with the right bra.

I ran throughout pregnancy and from ~3 weeks pp without any effect on milk supply or or other negative side effect so am confident that it can be done.

Like Barkfox, I also recommend a Shock Absorber level 4. If you're dd+, you might even want to wear 2 bras. I doubled up until DD was around 1 year old.

jandmmum Sat 20-Nov-10 14:49:30

thanks togarama... you sound very dedicated. It's good to know it's ok. Will check out the shock absorbers grin

barkfox Sat 20-Nov-10 15:22:25

Ah, I was 36E before I got pregnant. And used to wear 2 bras as standard for a run then. Got a bit bigger during pregnancy, and am currently an F or G cup. I think size is the issue - I even tried with 3 bras, but as I say, the amount of support needed to contain them was too constrictive, so it was devil and deep blue sea.

Still, it's something to look forward to at the end of BF-ing....I miss it like mad. You'll have fun, big races are lovely events!

MumNWLondon Sat 20-Nov-10 17:58:51

I have never run that far but found I couldn't really run at all when EBFing.... just uncomfortable really even with good bra.

AnnieLobeseder Sat 20-Nov-10 18:03:39

I had no problems running while bfing, and I fed DD2 to 15 months.

It helps to head out straight after a feed so you aren't all full!

And I'll second the Shock Absorber bras. I've been running in them for 7 years (not all the same one obviously!) and wouldn't ever run in anything else.

togarama Sat 20-Nov-10 19:22:36

Less dedicated than appreciative of any time to myself! I also get very bad-tempered when I don't exercise. It's a real pressure-valve.

ClimberChick Sat 20-Nov-10 19:38:22

I'm also going to do a half marathon (hopefully) in May as I went and signed up for a full marathon next Nov shock.

The only I've read it can affect milk is if you work out at full intensity for a prolonged period. I'm guessing if you're like me, then you're a while off being able to or even needing to do this. That's what I like about running, it's not very intense.

While I'm only just picking up running again (stopped in first trimester due to sciatica sp?) I did climb up to 37 weeks pregnant and started 6 weeks post-natel.

Do other runners have tips for weak pelvic floors (still at 8.5months later). Sorry for the hijack.

jandmmum Sat 20-Nov-10 20:42:59

Right just ordered a shock absorber! looking forward to getting fit and having an excuse to have some alone time (is that selfish?) By the time it's nearer to the race and I'm getting more intense will have probably dropped the daytime feeds as will be back at work by then.
Good luck with the full marathon Climberchick . Not sure I could ever be that fit,

AnnieLobeseder Sun 21-Nov-10 08:00:40

Of course you could! I had a place for the London marathon when I got pg with DD1 (she was a surprise), so I deferred a year, then ran it when she was 7mo. I got a jogging buggy and off I went!

Anyone can run a marathon if they want to.

ChaosInCamelot Sun 21-Nov-10 08:19:26

I never had any probs with running when BF. I was about an e cup at my biggest (Dish size before dc's) and wore a good shock absorber bra with a tight crop top running top on top - or a running vest with the built in supportive shelf. I used to do a feed before running and if I was still feeling a bit 'full' would express a bit too. BF my DC3 for about 2 years and in that time did 3 half marathons and several 10 mile/ cross country style races (though this was all past the 6 month ish stage with the long runs if I remember correctly).

Cosmosis Mon 22-Nov-10 09:20:03

I started running and cycling again when DS was 7 wks (now 11wks), as per advice above, definitely go out straight after a feed!

weasle Mon 22-Nov-10 20:04:44

i'm also running, started when ds3 was about 3 months. it's difficult to find the time with 3 dc!
am 36e i think at the moment, definitely need a decent bra, but had no issues with mastitis etc.

enjoy it - i find it is the only time no-one is pestering me for attention grin

jandmmum Tue 23-Nov-10 17:01:27

bras have arrived this morning and they're fab no bounce at all... can't wait to get started!

mamasunshine Tue 23-Nov-10 20:10:17

I started back at the gym doing quite intense sessions when ds1 was 12 wks, and never had any probs. Was exbf and bf for 17months. Just makesure you're eating enough smile

CommanderDrool Tue 23-Nov-10 20:14:08

I did intense military circuits three times a week when Dd3 was 7 months. Was fine.

Hope you enjoy it!

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