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Breastfeeding help!!!

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denise77 Fri 19-Nov-10 09:01:13

DD2 is 4 weeks old today! I breastfed DD1 for 20 months, she is now 4. I really want to breastfeed DD2 for at least a year but am having a few problems.

She seems to want to feed constantly between 6 through to midnight and will drop off to sleep but the minute i try to burp her she wakes up or a few minutes after putting her in her crib she is up. She is happy to look around for a bit and then she starts crying to be nursed and so the cycle repeats itself until she eventually sleeps at midnight and then will wake after 3 hours. During the day she will go for either 2 or 3 hours between feeds (but only because she is asleep).

DH has tried to get her to sleep without nursing to give me a break and with a dummy which she takes at first then spits out and wants me again.
I have tried to express but could only get 80ml out of my right breast (did this whilst feeding her on left) I dont know if she is not getting enough now, last night i gave her a formula feed at 9.30, 120ml and she drank it all and then half an hour later she wanted more milk from me. DH tried to help by getting her away from me for a bit but she starts crying and gets so hysterical that when she does come back to me she calms down right away and then falls asleep = and when we put her down she wakes right up again and the cycle of feeding falling asleep burping and getting up and doing it again starts.

I am so tired/confused i dont remember doing this with DD in the early weeks, feel like giving up as i dont get to spend time with DD1 as im so tired or cranky. Someone told me to just leave her to cry it out and she will learn to sleep on her own but it breaks my heart when she cries for me with DH so how can i do that to her?

RJandA Fri 19-Nov-10 09:58:05

I'm not an expert but hopefully someone who is will be along soon.

Just wanted to offer moral support... this sounds just like my DD at that age, feeding constantly all evening (DP had to spoon feed my dinner into me for a while), then waking early in the morning and only going back to sleep on my chest, never in the crib. IT DOES GET BETTER!!! Stick with it, you are doing a brilliant job, and IMO 4 weeks is much too young to be crying it out.

Have you tried cosleeping, or at least feeding lying down so you can rest a bit more? I never got the hang of it myself but I know for some people it's a lifesaver.

Hope things improve for you.

MoonUnitAlpha Fri 19-Nov-10 10:04:56

Cluster feeding in the evening is really common - maybe try looking it up on the kellymom website?

Does she really need burping? I ended up just feeding ds lying down and both getting some sleep that way, and never bothered sitting up to burp him unless really necessary.

harverina Fri 19-Nov-10 10:48:12

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time.

As moonunit says, cluster feeding in the evenings is really common, particulraly in the early days and during growth spurts.

Not sure what others will think about this but Ihave never burped my DD if she falls asleep on the breast. I just give her a few minutes then gently pick her up and put her into her cot. I would skip the burping unless you have a very windy baby.

IMO, your DD is too young to leave to cry. At this age she is crying for a reason. She may not be hungry but it may be that she just wants to be close to her mummy for comfort in the evenings.

It does get better. If you want to continue breatsfeeding I would avoid introducing a formula feed in the evenings as this will affect your supply. Alot of women find that their supply is slower (not less) in the evenings and this can mean that it takes their DC's longer to get full. HOWEVER, the more your DD feeds in the evening, the better your supply will be at this time.

nonanny Fri 19-Nov-10 10:57:59

is there a breastfeeding clinic where you live? although you were very successful first time round you may need some help dealing with this. I agree with not worrying about burping I also never worried about this. Can your health visitor visit you or can you get to a clinic? I wouldn't feel pressure to go down the formula route - why?

nickypomtimes Fri 19-Nov-10 11:04:56

she's only 4 wks old.

she wants the comfort of you and your boobs.

it is normal.

it won't last.

it is tough, tough going.

btw, expressed milk is no indication of whsat baby can get out.

she needs to suckle like mad to get supply up.

ditch the dummy/pump for a few more weeks while you are getting going. and the formula, unless you would rather ff. it will affect supply this early (for most people)

huge sympathies

Zimm Fri 19-Nov-10 11:59:28

Oh bless you. I second not burping - I feed to sleep and so never burp DD as it would wake her. If she is windy she won't sleep - so really no need.

denise77 Fri 19-Nov-10 15:09:21

Oh thanks everyone, I always try to burp her, will leave her to sleep and try co sleeping and see what happens. Only gave her formula to see if that would give me a few minutes with DD1, but will ditch formula, pump and dummy and carry on. Good to know im not the only one. Thank you for making me feel better xx

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