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Anyone tried the Nuby electric pump?

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beabea81 Mon 15-Nov-10 17:04:44

I just wondered if anyone has tried the Nuby Rhythm electric breast pump? I can't seem to find many reviews online, but am interested in buying it as it's currently half price so only £40.

I was going to go for the Medela Swing as it gets so many good reviews but am now tempted by this good offer on the Nuby one. What do you think?

foxytoxin Mon 15-Nov-10 19:51:33

I would stick to a reputable pump manufacturer if I were you. Bottle companies which make pumps are making pumps so that they can sell more bottles and adjunct 'stuff'.

Have you looked on Ebay? You can get an Ameda Lactaline (Double electric) (second hand) for £50. I had one for 2 children and used it everyday at work (full time) over 2 years accumulated. They are reliable, quiet, quick, portable...

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