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Struggled with supply for DC1 and 2 and pregnant again

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Maternelle Mon 15-Nov-10 16:32:04

I ended up mixed feeding DD after weeks of using a nursing supplementer, and with DS I ended up on domperidone (motilium) for months.
I still managed to mixed feed DD for 14m and DS for 26m.
I am pregnant again and dream of having enough milk to EBF. Is it going to happen?

PS: I have CS with GA for all the births because of a weird condition I have. But the babies are given to me within 45 minutes of birth and I have very good professional support.

Maternelle Mon 15-Nov-10 20:39:38


MumNWLondon Mon 15-Nov-10 21:36:32

Can't really help but wanted to say that the amount of milk I have had has varied each time. DS2 by far the best feeder of my three and I had the most milk as he was prepared to feed so much (only now at 7 months he is nosey and distracted). DS1 the worst feeder and I felt I was struggling the whole time as he hated feeding and was too impatient to suck. DD somewhere in middle.

Also get your thyroid levels post partum (at 6 weeks) - even a slightly raised TSH level can affect milk supply. NHS normal is up to 4, but under 2 more ideal.

Hopefully someone else will come along who knows more.

Maternelle Tue 16-Nov-10 21:11:32

Thanks MumNW. Anybody else?

Franup Tue 16-Nov-10 23:08:11

Maternelle, was there any reason found for your supply issues. Some women have a breast condition that means they have very little glandular tissue in the breast, so they often fail to produce enough milk.

The breasts have quite a distinctive shape with this condition and often do not get bigger in pregnancy as there so little glandular tissue to react to pregnancy hormones.

Why did you think you had low supply, because you actually bf for a long time over all.

Maternelle Wed 17-Nov-10 13:28:47

I don't think I have this condition as I was examined by 2 different lactation consultant, one of them being a very experienced and prominent BF expert.
I have no idea what caused it. I had trouble conceiving DD and had CS with GA for both so maybe there is a link.
But I definitely had low supply as despite my best efforts I had to supplement both in the end.
I just hope this won't be the case this time.

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