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"Mummy Milk!" "Twiddling!"

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Ninks Sun 14-Nov-10 22:17:22

My previously non-verbal autistic DS aged 3.5 has started to give these commands.

Mummy milk is the only motivator for him. He hates 99% of all known foods including treats and sweets.

I have heard about nursing manners but I fear that it is for much younger children. The "twiddling" command has arisen from me trying to say, "you can have Mummy milk but NO TWIDDLING" hmm

Sadly it has all gone to pot because we have been hit by a D&V virus and all he could keep down was BM. No milk, no water, no food. So of course I wasn't too fussed about the twiddling. Now he expects it!

DH suggests plasters or mustard shock

Any other ideas?

SirBoobAlot Sun 14-Nov-10 22:40:32

Guess you could try taking him off each time he does it?

Fantastic that he's saying them though!

Ninks Sun 14-Nov-10 22:50:54

I know, that's what makes it so difficult to refuse. When I try he says, "I have the Mummy Milk" and he doesn't really use verbs or pronouns in any other instance GAH!

Taking him off is getting really difficult too. The old breaking the seal technique doesn't work any more so I'm having to hold his nose but he can still cling on. He bites when I'm taking him off too.

He is really hurting me these days and when he's in bed with me I live in fear of all of his three and a half year old weight falling out and taking my nipple with it shock

God knows why I ever thought BF a newborn was hard hmm

Ninks Sun 14-Nov-10 22:52:55

But thanks for the reply SBAL. I always like to read your posts smile

SirBoobAlot Sun 14-Nov-10 22:59:46

Sorry, I just didn't want you to go unanswered! Was thinking "Teeth... Teeth!" even as I was typing as DS has already mastered the biting if I try to take him off when he's not wanting to thing <winces>

Really hope someone with better knowledge comes along soon. And I know I shouldn't be, because you're asking for help, but I'm really smiling at the fact he's saying these! Stressful as it must be, it must be lovely as well

Sorry - anyway.

Is it the opposite nipple he's twiddling? If so could you try breast pads? Maybe the extra layer may prove more difficult. Or a nursing necklace?

Ninks Sun 14-Nov-10 23:13:38

Yes it's the opposite one <sigh> Have tried to hide it in a bra but actually a necklace may well work as I never wear them and it will be a novelty. Something chunky and ethnic perhaps. I'll hit the charity shops tomorrow! Cheers smile

Ninks Sun 14-Nov-10 23:16:11

Oh and your DS is lush! Teeth are another milestone aren't they? I remember every single one coming through. Scrape scrape scrape... Respect grin

SirBoobAlot Sun 14-Nov-10 23:20:16

I have never used a proper nursing necklace, but have recently started wearing a big chunky 20p one as DS has started trying to pull the small mole at the base of my neck off when feeding shock So fingers crossed it will help a little, at least.

And yes, bloody teeth, so much more trouble than they're worth - number three is on its way here. How many has DS got?

Thank you He was a year on Thursday, no idea where its gone!!

twoboots Sun 14-Nov-10 23:31:11

going through not quite the same with dd (2.5)
she can a week without bm, but she cant spend any quiet time with me without her hands down or up my top

Ninks Mon 15-Nov-10 13:18:22

DS tends to go for me when I'm reclining on the sofa using the laptop. My capital letters and full stops suffer...

Have had the hand up and down the top too. Mostly in public hmm

He has all his teeth now thankfully!

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