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What to do with DS when feeding DS2

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littleoldme Sat 13-Nov-10 14:48:47

Ds2 is four weeks old. Ds1 is 3. When I am feeding the baby DS1 instantly turns into a demanding, whingy pain. I've tried books, toys TV all sorts to settle DS2 before I start to feed but am really struggling. Any advice ?

canyou Sat 13-Nov-10 15:05:22

My sis has a special bag that her dd 1 gets to play with while she is feeding, it contains Peppa Pig dvds, my little pony, play doh stuff she loves and my sis hates it is put away after feeding keeping the novelty. [It was someone on here who gave her that great idea]

MamaChris Sat 13-Nov-10 15:10:51

I get ds1 to bring me a series of books to read him, or put the TV on, so we can be together while I feed. Or get out his train set/lego at my feet so I can direct the building and be sort of involved in the game.

or can you learn to feed in a sling? then you're more mobile to be with ds1.

Nagoo Sat 13-Nov-10 15:14:22

I'm about to spawn this second one...

Bag of delights... check. grin

Ineedsomesleep Sat 13-Nov-10 15:57:22

Saving some of his favourite toys for him to play with only when you are feeding seems like a great idea.

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