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Reflux in bf baby, reintroducing dairy question

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Chulita Fri 12-Nov-10 15:58:17

When should I try?
I cut out dairy about 6 weeks ago and DS is a completely different child. I was just wondering when I could get a pizza in try reintroducing it because I need cheese. I'm sure it was the dairy that sorted it because I didn't change anything else in my diet. DS is 16 weeks btw.
Thank you!

RuthChan Fri 12-Nov-10 18:26:05

I cut out dairy while breastfeeding my DS for the same reason.
I reintroduced dairy gradually when he was about 10 months or so.
Until about 8 months or so I still noticed him getting a bit sick if I ate dairy.
If you're desperate for cheese, have you tried goat and sheep's milk cheese? It's usually only cow's milk that has the effect, so you should be fine with those.
The good news is that by one year, when I was ready to introduce cow's milk to him directly, he was fine and could drink a cup with no bad effects at all.

Chulita Fri 12-Nov-10 18:59:17

That's a long wait then! Mind you, might not do me any harm to not eat cheese for another 6 months. I'm pleased to hear your DS was fine by a year though, I was wondering how it would work if he can't drink it - hopefully it won't come to that. I'll give goat's cheese a go then, I didn't realise it was ok.

RuthChan Fri 12-Nov-10 19:07:58

Yes, I'm sorry that it might take so long. But you might be lucky and your DS might get over it quicker than mine did.
However, in the meantime, a goat's cheese pizza sounds pretty good!

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