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Please help me - my boobs are going wonky!

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bigredtractor Fri 12-Nov-10 10:38:06


I have a little boy (1st baby) approaching 4 weeks old. BF wasn't easy to get the hang of, but we're there now and he's gaining weight, weeing plenty, etc.

Only thing is, one of my boobs gets really full and is easy for him to feed from. The other one never gets as full, but still has milk (I've expressed to check and he feeds from both).

Admittedly I favour the full boob side a bit because it seems easier to hold him that way round, but I do feed from both every day.

I'm worried that my smaller boob will give up making milk, or that I'll end up wonky for ever!!

Can anyone help..?

thisisyesterday Fri 12-Nov-10 10:39:52

well, if you use one more often then it will make more milk.
so if you want to even it out then you need to feed from the "smaller" side a bit more often

but it won't stop making milk, and tbh once your supply settles down a little bit more ir will be less noticeable

ClimberChick Sat 13-Nov-10 03:23:14

yep as simple as thisis says

offer the smaller one more often, always offer that one first. If she's funny on that one, then start on the good one, then when let down occurs switch breasts.

Normally only takes a few days of concerted thinking to sort it out. (Then you'll prob needs to do it again in six weeks if you're anything like me)

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