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Bit of love please - just finished BF DS 10 months

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perfectmummy Wed 10-Nov-10 10:52:56

Feeling little bit sad but also very proud of myself for feeding my son for 10 months.
We were both ready to call it a day I think but all a bit strange to think I won't feed him again.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 10-Nov-10 11:07:30

well done. You have done a wonderful

Make sure you take care of yourself and do what ever is needed to avoid a hormone crash/engorgement/mastitis of which i know nowt but have heard tell on here.

Also just check you are ok with the guidance on making up bottles safely.


Elizabeth21 Wed 10-Nov-10 22:01:22

my baby is 11 months now and i am ready to stop breast feeding, but have no idea how to wean her off as its the only way she will go to sleep for me!! advice anyone..please??

Ieattoomuchcake Wed 10-Nov-10 22:38:59

Well done PM for breastfeeding for 10 months. I can imagine it's sad, but if you were both ready, then it was obviously the right thing to do. And you can still have lots of lovely cuddles with your DS.

perfectmummy Thu 11-Nov-10 10:16:36

thanks all. i guess i'm lucky it was easy to stop and haven't felt he wasn't ready. No engorgement which is good.

elizabeth21 in answer to your question it just was a gradual reduction over the last 3 weeks. He wasn't ever a real milk monster and has quite often only had two feeds a day since about 7 months. I always offered but he wasn't interested so it helped with milk reduction etc. He then had a feeding strike for a few days along with quite few biting problems until I decided to stop pushing him and just feed him every morning and see how it went. He was really enjoying it for about a week and I was pleased so thought would continue until 12 months but suddenly crying and refusing/biting again. Ended up every 48 hours for a few feeds and then total refusal. I'm sure with a huge amount of time and effort I could have prob. overcome the problems and continued but as I wanted to stop at 12 months I thought now was right when he was calling the shots and not me!
I hope we can still have time just the two of us!! I will have to have my cuddle time still. I think i also feel sad cos its a sign my little baby is growing up and maybe won't have another as already have DD. Who knows. Sorry rambling now

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