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Another teething and breastfeeding question

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mummytojacob Tue 09-Nov-10 21:18:35


I have a six month old DS2, who is teething quite badly at the moment. His first two bottom teeth are through, and have been for a few weeks, and he's working on the top two. He went through a biting phase with the first two, but thankfully not with these second two. However, he seems to have changed his latching on position, and he's making me really sore. I had a lovely blister on my right boob after feeding him at tea time.

Any advice? Has anyone found their babies have done this? I took him off and put him on again, but it was still sore.


rubyslippers Tue 09-Nov-10 21:35:23

I have been though this with DD

Am trying nipple shields or feeding off one side only for a while

My DD is older than yours at 14 months so I wouldn't advise one sided feeding for too long

Lansinoh can help

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