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cracked nipples

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nancydrewrocked Mon 08-Nov-10 21:09:54

Ok this is a bit of a strange one since I am only pregnant so not yet BF.

In a nutshell I sucessfully BF DD then fell pregnant with DS and BF was impossible: my nipples bled constantly, sort of peeled and the cracks discharged an orangish discharge(sorry if TMI).

I saw different GP's, midwives and LLL counsellors: latch deemed perfect, no thrush, tongue tie or any other obvious problems noted. I stopped BF and my nipples took almost two years to recover (everytime I went swimming or my DH touched them the cracks and discharge would reappear).

They have been fine for about two years but I am now pregnant again (23 weeks) and I am starting to get sore nipples (slightly chapped IYKWIM) and pretty sure that it is the original problems returning.

Any thoughts?
Any way I can "toughen" up my nipples?
I really really want to be able to sucessfully BF this baby so all ideas welcomed.

JuniorMum Mon 08-Nov-10 21:56:08

Maybe its returned because your breasts have grown again with the new pregnancy.

Theres no need to toughen up nipples to prepare for bf normally. They can be sensitive from remaining pregnancy hormones for the first few days but this fades naturally pretty soon.

You wont be pregnant and breastfeeding this time (hopefully) so the same thing shouldnt happen again.

If you get sore from just bf do go for help for the latch, but you may not need it this time. Each baby is different so you may have a totally different experience this time.

Best wishes!

nancydrewrocked Tue 09-Nov-10 11:22:10

Thanks Junior

Where would you suggest is the best source of help - I am determined to get this sorted this time but my past experience was that the GP's didn't really care (just told me to stop) the MW's were helpful but once they had ruled out identifiable issues were a bit like it or lump it.

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