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Ds2 biting when nodding off.

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nickytwotimes Mon 08-Nov-10 14:33:40

That's it really! He's ebf, 5 and a half months old.

When he is getting drowsy, the bottom teeth start to sink in....

I break the seal or pull him in but it is getting rather tiresome.

Any tips, any ideas when it might stop? COuld it be his top 2 are coming as he is very 'teethingy'.

Btw, he is fed to sleep if not out in the buggy in the day. This one doesn't do slef-settling (yet)

WildhoodChunder Mon 08-Nov-10 15:35:22

No suggestions, sorry - but DS (10 days) clamps his gums together hard when he pauses mid-feed or is about to come off and I'm looking for tips too...

coldcomfortHeart Tue 09-Nov-10 12:45:27

My ds did this, he would fall asleep and then clamp down, it was pretty sore! Not really a bite but a clamp. I would look for the signs he was falling asleep and then jam in my finger before my nipple got it. But he grew out of it eventually. Sympathies- it's not like biting where you can tell them no!

nickytwotimes Wed 10-Nov-10 06:18:05

Yes, that's it, coldcomfort.

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