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9 weeks and I've got my bloody period!

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margherita76 Sat 06-Nov-10 08:06:58

I know that you can still get preg when BFing but I feel cheated that I have my period so soon. I've only just (almost) recovered from the birth for gods sake! Is it connected to the frequency of feeds? DD is feeding less at night...or is it just one of those things? Anyone else get the curse back so soon?!

blueberryboybait Sat 06-Nov-10 08:09:30

I know that feeling - with DD1 I got my period at 8 weeks, she fed constantly so I had hopes for months of being period free.

katiepotatie Sat 06-Nov-10 08:11:17

Just one of those things I'm afraid. Mine came back at 10 weeks with ds and 11 weeks with ds, despite ebf both till well over a year. I was gutted! I'm so jealous of people who get a year period free

woolymindy Sat 06-Nov-10 08:11:30

'Tis on of those things, me too at 7 weeks and another 2 weeks later, just to add insult to injury

aviatrix Sat 06-Nov-10 08:12:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ineedsomesleep Sat 06-Nov-10 08:33:22

How crap for you. My friend bf all 4 of hers and I think 8 weeks was the longest she had.

EauRouge Sat 06-Nov-10 08:49:49

That happened to me too, even though I was feeding on cue day and night, co-sleeping and carrying DD about in a sling. I was not pleased, I was promised 6 months angry

My GP assured me that it was unusual but not unheard of and that I was just unlucky.

Simbacatlives Sat 06-Nov-10 08:59:35

I bf mine for 18 months. Had period from about 8 weeks.

Good thing was the 2nd child was conceived 1st month of trying ( year later). So it many ways it may be a positive sign of future fertility.

margherita76 Sat 06-Nov-10 11:01:03

It does seem different though. Normally I get torrents of blood and horrendous pain and its no where near that (yet) Like my body has had a factory reset!

virgo1979 Sat 06-Nov-10 13:58:25

Mine returned after 4 weeks, and like clockwork since then. Was gutted too. They are lighter though, but still get the same pains.

Porcelain Sat 06-Nov-10 15:39:59

12 weeks, at first I thought it was missing a feed during wedding making me ovulate but that was only a week before.
I was so unimpressed though.

ShowOfHandsInEpistolaryForm Sat 06-Nov-10 15:47:14

Yup, 13 weeks here. No longer than 2hrs between feeds.

But I wasn't fertile. My luteal phase was about 4 days and took months and months to lengthen to anything near normal. So I was having periods but not fertile. What, exactly, was the point of that, hmm?

ClimberChick Sat 06-Nov-10 19:13:46

cheated was exactly how I felt

also they were mild at the start the have been gradually ramping up to pre baby state

MumNWLondon Sat 06-Nov-10 23:06:42

Must vary a lot. DS is 7 months and for last few weeks have been mixed feeding (only 3 BFs) and still no periods.

2greatboysandabump Sun 07-Nov-10 10:07:43

With DS1 I had a period at about 6 weeks but it was a one off, and I didn't get any more until I stopped BF. Don't want to give you false hope but just wanted to tell you what happened to me.

With DS3 I had a small bleed one day around 3 months, but nothing since.

CardyMow Sun 07-Nov-10 10:09:27

After DD, I had my first AF at 4 weeks, DS1 and DS2 was 6 weeks, am assuming it'll be similar this time too.

omnishambles Sun 07-Nov-10 10:18:28

The curse? Are you my grandmother? smile you've just been unlucky I think - 7/8 months with both of mine - when I went down to a few feeds a day and the dcs were ramping up the solids.

Mine have never been as bad/heavy as they were pre dc though so there might be a little hope there.

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