BPA and clear/cloudy bottles

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Woodlands Fri 01-Oct-10 15:47:21

I have a few Tommee Tippee bottles which have been passed on by two different friends, that I use for expressing into and for feeding my baby his weekly bottle when I'm out on a Monday night (well, DH uses them but you know what I mean!). Anyway, most of them are cloudy/translucent in appearance but two are much clearer plastic. They have the measurements marked in black on the sides so it's easier to see how much is in there, so I kind of prefer using them. However I heard somewhere that the clearer bottles might be older bottles which contained BPA, as opposed to the newer, cloudy, BPA-free bottles? Is this true, does anyone know? If it is true presumably it would be best to throw out the clear ones and just use the cloudy ones.


CrosswordGeekWantsChange Fri 01-Oct-10 18:56:41

I have a smaller one that is cloudy, and two larger ones which are clear, but both lots are BPA free.

Woodlands Sun 03-Oct-10 21:51:37

My clear one says PC on the bottom, which apparently does mean it contains BPA. I know there's zero risk considering he only has one or two bottles a week, but it's pretty old and scratched so I've thrown it away anyway!

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