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VERY windy bum 6 wk old!!!

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louloupoo Fri 24-Sep-10 15:34:06

I'm ebf my 6wk old ds and its going fine. But, he has a very windy bum, and its very loud!! It doesnt seem to bother him much, altho sometimes he does screw his face up and wriggle alot just before doing a rather loud trump.

Is this caused by my diet? I'm not eating anything in particular which is known to cause wind but he definitely seems windier than my friends babies...

going Fri 24-Sep-10 15:42:11

My son was like this, seemed to be pasing wind all the time. It didn't bother him and he grew out of it.

nickytwotimes Fri 24-Sep-10 15:42:32

If it isn;t really bothering him, then I wouldn't worry about it.

Some babies are just farty!

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