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Number of feeds for 9 month

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craziedaisy Sat 04-Sep-10 22:02:00

I am suddenly wondering whether I don't feed my daughter enough during the day. Her day usually goes like this:

Wake at 4:00 breast feed

Wake at 6:30 baby rusk and fruit

8:30 breastfeed and back down for nap

12:00 Lunch (baby jar plus pudding) and water

14:00 Brestfeed

17:00 Tea time plus water

19:00 Breastfeed

22:00 Breastfeed

Is this enough in the 24 hours?

I am suddenly worried from reading some peoples posts that I am not offering her enough fluids.

Many thanks

Jaybird37 Sun 05-Sep-10 11:16:46

It sounds completely fine.

Is she growing? Is she following centiles?

Does she look dehydrated - reduced skin turgor, sunken eyes?

If that is all OK then don't worry.

In fact, I would be looking at cutting out the 4am breast feed, by stretching the time towards the 6.30 feed, as it must be a killer.

Possibly giving her her tea time solids slightly later will keep her feeling full for longer so she sleeps in a bit more.

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