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How to cope bf dd2, dd1 is 2.7 and demanding!

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mummyistheword Wed 18-Aug-10 22:43:03

Rightly so my eldest, 2and a half, demands my attention, bf her sister, now aged 5 weeks. I fed dd1 for 10 months, easing off at weaning, combined feeding from 6months then formula from 10. This time I'm struggling, I'm more tired as can't sleep in day as toddler doesn't often nap lately although could do with it! Not much family help day to day, amazing parents but only a week every 6or so as they are far away, lots mummy friends but I'm first to have second child, good bf support group why am I struggling?! Keep looking at the bottles in cupboard thinking just do one for bed to get more zzzzz! But chicken out in case I feel too guilty. My toddler is potty trained but at her age still needs help with clothes etc, she's adjusting well but between the time spent bf, housework and nappies how do you keep toddler entertained.? She is v good at play and does good imaginative/role play but I feel so torn when she asks for help/company and I'm sat yet again with the boobs out, starting to really get to me! Would the odd bottle help this? Is it too soon/late to try and also is it normal for baby to so clearly prefer/be more settled on one boob than the other? It's proving to be a very diff experience this time around, advice please?! Xxx

mummyistheword Wed 18-Aug-10 22:49:10

Forgot to say...the baby was a pound bigger than first baby, 8 lb 12oz and already 12lb! She's getting something then but is this why it's harder too? Feeding a bigger baby? X

skyeplusbump Wed 18-Aug-10 23:07:41

have you tried feeding in a sling? ring slings and 'hug-a-bub' or similar are really good for feeding,i used them for dd, i plan to do it again for ds due in a few weeks.hmm smile
i am going to be in your situation very soon so i will be watching with interest!

good luck grin

mum2JRC Thu 19-Aug-10 08:50:28

My DS had just turned 2 when I had DS2. Both my DS2 was 8lb 12 too and gained weight extremely well. Fed 2 hourly until got on solids at 6 months.
Used a sling a lot so I could move quickly in and out the house.
Often fed on the go (never mastered in sling) but was normally feeding walking around house etc.
Had a craft box so at least once a day we would get that out for one of feeds. Junk modelling with old boxes is always a hit.
Have books, puzzles, tea set, food role play are all games you can play on the floor whilst feeding.
I did try and get out for a walk or go to the park each day. See lots of friends or go to a toddler gorup is always good too.
Must admit it was a time my son started to watch a lot more CBeebies but it was only short term as born in Winter and when weather improved we could get out more to parks etc.
It does get better and it defintely does not affect the 1st child. My DS1 even asked the other day when I was going to have another baby as he wanted another sibling! shock. Might have to persuade the husband on that one grin

skyeplusbump Thu 19-Aug-10 08:59:46

mum2jrc thats soooo good to hear! grin

mummyistheword Thu 19-Aug-10 12:54:02

Super advice so far thanks everyone, mum2JRC I hear you re the cbeebies and dd2 is a summer baby! And we can almost see the park from our road! It is easier to get out with sling I agree, am inclined to get a bit hot n bothered and in a frazzle though so like buggy to pop her down for a break, at least that's one bit I'm getting right, got fab side by side nipper 360, is like 3rd hand when out and about, will pay a visit to elc and augment role play/toy shelves, got a fair bit already but any excuse to shop. Anyone with any exp of bf the second when they rare bigger much appreciated and mum 2JRC feeding 2hourly for all that time?! How did u not end up with a bottle to supplement before the 6month? That's what worries me tbh, she feeds frequently now though some nights I get two chunks of 3 hour sleep so thats promising but generally it's every 2 to 2 and a half hours, xx

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