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Support thread for all parents with reflux babies...

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PosieParker Wed 18-Aug-10 16:00:04

Just thought a pooling of ideas would be useful. Any ideas about meds, symptoms, coping strategies, things to make a baby quiet!!


Arched back and crying/screaming after feeding
Fussy on/off breast or bottle
Frequent feeding
Little sleep
Constant crying/screaming

(please add)


My memory is a little rose on this and I can't remember


pushchair walks
accepting help
Sometimes putting your baby somewhere you can't hear them whilst you have a large gin cup of tea.

seven201 Thu 11-Aug-16 16:06:39

Pa123 the gp can

seven201 Thu 11-Aug-16 16:05:52

I know this is a really old thread but it's made me feel so much better!

PA123 Thu 11-Aug-16 03:51:06

Thank you for posting this. Can relate to a lot of the symptoms listed - baby is 5 weeks old and heart breaking to watch her cry and arch her back, look of pain / red face- feeds small amounts VERY often. Can a GP diagnose reflux or does it need to be a Paediatrician?

dollydolly29 Sun 07-Jul-13 21:39:02

i suspected my baby suffered from silent reflux a few days after she was born as she had many of the above symptoms, an hour after eating i would hear her swallowing something back, frquent hiccups, grunting, not settling , pulling faces, arching, choking, sneezing and looking generally uncomfy!
i went to the doctors and was given infant gaviscon (which made her much worse after a day or so, so much so she startedshowing signs of sandifers) and then to the walk in centre armed with a video of her at her worst, (to be told it was ;just colic' and that we were 'overfeeding her'-idiot doctor) and given domperidone andwas told these drugs took 4-6 weeks to work and then they might not after that. worst of all was seeing my little girl in discomfort and pain! i couldnt take another night of it!
anyway my mother in law suggested homeopathy so i rung someone i knew and he suggested nux vomica. started it on monday and noticed a difference straight away! by friday her synptoms were totally gone and she was a different baby! smiling loads and chilled out! and sleeping quietly!! cant believe the doctors would give us the drugs to use for months when this worked straight away! also had her tested for cow milk intolerance (not allergy) and this showed up she was so switched her to soya formua. cant stress how much this helped us please try this first it has made us enjoy our newborn instead of having no sleep and crying all the time!

littleginger Thu 25-Apr-13 23:56:47

My little girl was changed to cow and gate anti reflux milk at 10 weeks and there was an immediate let up in the amount she spewed. She continued to arch her back and scream but because there was no longer an excessive spewing problem I came to the conclusion that my little girl just behaved like this when she was overtired as when I soothed her in my arms she would always go to sleep.

She's now 4 months old though and I've moved her into the cot overnight in her own room. I used to just lean over and replug the dummy several times per night when she was in moses basket nxt to me. Now though when I enter her room to replug during the night (door is closed) the smell of sick is sometimes overwhelming. The first time I really panicked and checked everywhere in her cot but it was bone dry :/ I replugged the dummy and this slowly comforted her back to sleep just like it always did before.

Could this smell plus the arching of back and screams, batting bottle away and yelling but then practically biting the teat off when I offer it back be signs that there is some silent reflux going on here? :/ well I say that but we do still get some unhappy spews during the day in addition to the aforementioned symptoms

Or am I just looking for something that's not there? I do sometimes wonder if I'm just trying to diagnose my LO with something just because i hate to hear her cry. I feel like I completely lack that mothers instinct of just knowing. I don't have a clue!

welshie1 Sun 22-Jan-12 22:12:42

These work for mine most times, other days its a test of patience and will:

don't jiggle or rock them you only encourage the acid into the throat
make sure you wind them upright
rub gently upwards on their left side when winding (DO NOT pat the back)
mine prefers being on the shoulder but you can also just hold them upright on your lap, you dont need to pat or rub their back, the wind will come up but this is easier if they're not stressed & crying
A double dose of patience and calmness from you or partner - a set of ear plugs is useful too
Don't try too much in too short a time i.e. moving them round loads
Keep them upright for atleast 20 minutes after feed even if it in a bouncy chair
Prop up their bed/cot/basket
Gaviscon in the food is good but I agree with some of the others it can lead to constipation so try also giving alittle water to ensure baby doesn't dehydrate
Lots of love and sympathy all round

daisylulu Tue 13-Dec-11 18:36:27

Hi everyone. I used to use this thread a LOT in my 7.5 month old DDs early days. I wanted to post a little update to give others light at the end of tunnel. It is horrendous seeing your baby suffering with one of the most basic functions of feeding. I hope you find the right solutions for your LOs soon- with the right combination of meds and/or formula there will be an improvement. Ime the hardest thing was getting my gp to take things seriously.

My DD started projectile vomiting at about 5-6 weeks. She had always been a sicky baby but this was violent. Around the same time as the projectile vomiting she also started to struggle with her feeds- crying on bottle after a few mouthfuls, seeming hungry but being in pain to eat, arching back, needing to be held, lots of wind, hiccupping, explosive watery poos (sometimes up to 8 times a day). It was horrific. Due to the projectile vomiting we got an emergency app at hospital to rule out pyloric stenosis and this is where they diagnosed 'reflux.' she was put on ranitidine and domperidone and we saw an improvement wrt feeding. Sadly after a few days the feeding issues would worsen (and the explosive bowels were never improved) so the gps kept upping her meds until she was on max dose for her weight. They also swapped her from ranitidine to omeprazole. Thanks to mn and my own research I began to wonder if she might be allergic to dairy., gp poo pooed this but as I was at the end of my tether and lucky enough to have private healthcare for DD through DHs work I insisted on a referral to a specialist. We saw the wonderful Dr lindley at Gosh and that's were everything changed. Diagnosis = classic textbook case of cmpi. Gps are notorious for labelling this as 'reflux'. Lindley explained 'reflux' is often a symptom of cmpi and reflux does not cause bowel troubles.DD was initially put on a hydrolised formula - nutramigen. Although this helped DD still had loose bowels and so she was changed to neocate- this is an amino acid based formula. Once on this there was no looking back - it took about 6 weeks to get full effects and all the cows milk protein to leave DDs system. We have now fully weaned DD off domperidone and is down to a 1/4 of tablet of omperazole (you have to stop this one slowly otherwise you get acid rebound). I never thought DD could be drug free and happy. She is 7.5 months and a bundle of joy. I found her 'reflux' flared with teething and vaccinations - apparently they can both irritate the gut.

God sorry for essay but I want to share my knowledge so hopefully it helps others. Cmpi is relatively common and it is a disgrace that gps nearly always ply our babies with drugs as a first port of call rather than trialling the hypoallergenic formulas to treat the route cause angry (a cost issue I think- neocate is £38 for a half tin).

Good luck all on finding the right solutions.

Buttonmoon - just noticed your DS is on nutramigen. Have you tried neocate? It is a lot more expensive and Lindley said GPs will not prescribe without paed approval but it sorted out my DD when nutramigen did not....

joshop Thu 27-Oct-11 21:23:25

It looks as though DS2 has reflux. Cried on and off all day today and problems during the last week. Poor mite is only 5 weeks old. DS1 had it too and it went on for two years but he was preterm & DS2 is on 50th centile.

My GP has prescribed ranitidine, domperidone and Infant Gaviscon. Latter is a bit of a nightmare to administer, especially when BF several times a night. Any suggestions of how to do it and/or would we get away with skipping it during the night feeds?

beckie89 Mon 03-Oct-11 16:51:47

Hi al im new to this and in need of Hi im new to this could realy do with somlux at three weeks,was tried on a hydo formula,made no diff,shes on sma with gaviscon wAs pt on domperidone for a few weeks,no improvement,and then ranitidine and stil nothing.i ctan deal with the sick when she burps or constantly gets hicups etc but its the pain.she wont let meburp her and then have more milk even though she wants it she screams and screams.i can only do it by giving her whole botle then burping and then she moqrd sick.shes bin put on one omeprazole a day for past week and up until today only realy had a fit with two she has constantly screamed when put down or falen asleep and woken up.ive proped her bed up and even bought reflux wedge but she wrigles and ends up flat on her back and chokes.she is v bungd up which has had for weeks i cant shift that,and gasps alot.its worying.i had a argument whith doc over geting omep liquid as the tablet doesdmt fuly disolve and trying to get it down her is shes bin the worst ever but im wondering if any of meds have iritated tummy as she pushes for ages and cant poo i help her and gve water,its horible any advice v much welcome x ine week old was diagnsd with refltrefltttwtx

hellitops Sat 24-Sep-11 21:38:03

hello everyone. Sorry to hear about all the problems, hope they all get resolved soon.

firstly, I can't remember who mentioned it but I had similar troubles with DP. He was spouting the same 'perseverance' nonsense as the HV's and did not get for a long time how bad it was, even if it wasn't all day, it felt like it! He's much better about it now though as I've made him deal with ds when he's crying and everything during feeding and bedtime.

daisy and button thanks for mentioning teething and jabs. I was starting to worry that switching to pepti 2 milk had upset him somehow, despite it pretty much being the same as pepti 1. He has a cough at the moment, which probably isn't helping, had his 3rd jabs a few days ago and has gone to the rosy cheek and pain stage of teething.

His return to fussy feeding, not settling, arching back etc all began after the jabs on tuesday but I wasn't sure the reaction to them could last this long. We also had a bit of painful wind today, for the first time since leaving the hospital weeks and weeks ago sad

I can offer hope to mum's out there. As well as the CMPI we had birthmark issues to deal with, as many here will know, but at 24 weeks he is a brilliant baby. He is trying to crawl now, everyone comments on how alert he is, he eats 3x 6oz bottles and 3 meals a day, mostly without fuss, has a snack sometimes and some water and spends hours on his mat or with me on the sofa without crying. Your LOs will get better soon

buttonmoon78 Fri 23-Sep-11 08:07:03

I've just created the 'All new deluxe reflux support thread' before we run out of space here. Hope I've not trodden on anyone's toes!

Can we get this thread saved? I wouldn't know how but I think it might be a good point of reference for 'new' sufferers.

buttonmoon78 Fri 23-Sep-11 08:04:08

Hi again BBB.

Welcome! Re the TT anti colic bottles - our gp suggested getting some and I was currently using the TT ordinary ones so thought they'd be the obv choice. I did a little review reading online and the TT ones are universally thought of as rubbish but the Dr Browns ones have inspired an almost cult like following!

I can safely say that they have made a difference in quite a dramatic way. DS spent 6 whole hours in the same clothes overnight shock which is incredible. He has not farted once since we started on them. We're now 5 feeds in so I'm guessing it's probably reasonable to start drawing some conclusions.

He still has reflux issues but I'm hopeful that this will at least contain or lessen some of the symptoms.

Great news on getting an appointment quicker. Tuesday will be here in no time smile

daisylulu Fri 23-Sep-11 07:45:38

Hi BBB. Welcome to the group and sorry to heat about your LOs reflux.

My DD sees Dr Lindley. She has cmpi. It is amazing the range of awful symptoms that can result from this. I too have always been a bit sceptical of intolerances even though I can't tolerate dairy very well myself.

Lindley is lovely. He listens and is very reassuring. In my case he was of the view that Js reflux is just a symptom not the cause. She has been on neocate for a couple of months now and is like a different baby. The only negative thing about the formula is that it doesn't come in cartons and it is very thin so I have to thicken it slightly with carobel.

If you have any specific questions re anything else just let me know.

Good luck!

Beautifulbabyboy Fri 23-Sep-11 05:16:29

I feel like the opening of AA meeting. My name is BBB and I have reflux.

I am off - on the basis of opinions on here - to see Dr Linley at GOSH on Tuesday. Can anyone give me any more information on him? Like another poster I have always been sceptical about "intolerances" (celebrities and their stupid excuses for not eating bread) but don't want my BBB to be in pain. Has anyone found that changing to protein free milk has made the situation worse?

buttonmoon78 Thu 22-Sep-11 22:34:10

I'm not saying this out loud, and he's only had them for 2 feeds so far but I agree - Dr Browns seem to be having a good effect re the wind. It's too early to tell the impact on bottom wind but tonight might tell.

LucyMayHughes Thu 22-Sep-11 17:07:11

Omg, tried Dr. Brown's bottles today- it's like he's a different baby. SO much more comfortable while feeding and more contened in general. Able to take more because wind not bothering him.
Just thought I'd mention my consultation with the gp on this topic. When I described baby's symptoms, the doctor told me that I was holding my baby incorrectly, and that was where all of the problems were stemming from. What an idiot! Just goes to show, some doctors know nothing about child care!

buttonmoon78 Thu 22-Sep-11 07:13:44

Thankyou. I will ask about the carobel.

daisylulu Wed 21-Sep-11 22:28:04

Buttonmoon- no experience of Sma staydown but I add a couple of scoops of carobel to Js formula. carobel is made by cow and gate and thickens the milk. Any pharmacy can order it in.

Re ranitidine - unfortunately it won't stop the vomiting as it's just an antacid. Quite often domperidone is prescribed alongside ranitidine to help with the vomiting. My LO was initially prescribed both and the effect of domperidone was instant- her projectile vomiting stopped for as long as she was on the right dose. At the end of the day though the key thing was getting her onto a hypoallergenic formula.

Good luck with it. I knowhow frustrating finding the right combination of drugs and diet is.

buttonmoon78 Wed 21-Sep-11 07:13:12


We're now on ranitidine but been told to come off the gaviscon. The upshot is that he is happier (as it's not hurting) but he is as constantly sick as he ever was. As in, since 5.50 he's been through 2 sleepsuits, 2 vests, sheets in his basket, sheets on my bed, 4 bibs and 3 muslins. Aaaaargh! I washed my dressing gown yesterday as it was totally minging with dried sick but I'm now wondering at the wisdom of that!

Dr suggested we try some anti-colic bottles for his wind too. We've been using the tommee tippee closer to nature ones but the anti colic ones of those have bad reviews so I've ordered some Dr Browns which are arriving tomorrow. If they help at all I'll be getting the full set - I've only gone for two to try them.

I don't know if I've asked this already (and am too lazy to check) but has anyone got any experience of sma staydown?

MamaLaMoo Tue 20-Sep-11 11:10:46

Lucy I think maybe your baby is gulping lots of air down when feeding maybe because he is hungry and that is causing tummy pain midway through a feed. My LO does this on the breast sometimes, I had way too much milk for her at first and this sort of thing happened.

Have you tried stopping during a feed, winding him and starting again? Feed him more upright with the left side of his body higher, which will help wind out as your stomach is on the left side.

He could be having a growth spurt and being extra hungry. Have you looked up reflux symptoms at the start of this thread? You describe could be swallowed air or signs of reflux.

MamaLaMoo Tue 20-Sep-11 11:05:07

BubandBump thanks for you reply.

I will go back on the Gaviscon today as at least it does treat the symptoms and we don't need another night like last night! I feel very sorry for DH who went in to work at 6.30am this morning.

I fee so stupid for eating the biscuit, my older daughter (she is coming up for 3) rushed in all excited clutching a little bag saying "Look what I made mummy! Do you want one?" and while chatting to her showing lots of interest and acting very impressed by her cooking I chomped away on the proferred biscuit without thinking. She has had to put up with so much crap with a colicky newborn, I try very hard to find time for her and not be snappy and irritable out of tiredness and well, panic sometimes at the crying. God who would think a biscuit could cause so much trouble sad

Bubandbump Tue 20-Sep-11 10:15:14

Mamalamoo, unfortunately from our experience it could be either. Gaviscon did help somewhat and when coming off it, she was definately worse. However my DD's intolerances are triggered by the slightest trace of dairy or soya - a soya coating in a vitamin, the casein that is used to clarify wine etc. It's only having her stable and seeing a reaction have we been able go trace what has caused it.

MamaLaMoo Tue 20-Sep-11 10:01:07

I only seem able to get on and post every few days, sorry I have been reading and taking the advice of people who reply. Thanks for your support.

We had two hours of continuous screaming last night from 10.30pm and she didn't sleep till 1.30am. Like Lucy above the trigger was feeding, she got very cross at the letdown not being fast enough (?) and going hysterical in under a minute. No rocking, shushing, swinging, white noise, skin to skin or further attempts at a soothing feed worked. We ended up with her in the sling pacing the playing field next to our road in the dark. And yet up until then she had been lovely and calm all day, a good day. Baby (6wks old) is very restless this morning, very tired I expect as she woke at 7am. She is in obvious discomfort again after feeding, each burp and hiccup is upsetting her a lot and she is squirming and wriggling in her sleep as I rock her constantly in a sling.

Two things happened yesterday - I didn't give her any Gaviscon as we are visiting the doc tomorrow and I wanted to see if the no-dairy diet had any effect, after 5 days of dairy free I ate a home baked biscuit which had milk and butter in (DD1 had made it at childminder and offered it, I ate it without thinking).

Any suggestions about this - would one no Gaviscon day cause that much of a problem (she was on 3 sachets a day taken from mid afternoon when her painful feeding episodes start) or is this a sign that she really is dairy intolerant? Surely that sort of a reaction would occur only if I had drank a glass of milk?

LucyMayHughes Sat 17-Sep-11 20:56:51

Hello, first time on mumsnet for me- first time mum.
Just thought I'd put a few of baby's symptoms down here and see what you all think. He's nearly 12 weeks old and bottle fed.

Sleeps very well at night (up to 12 hours).

Feeds every 2.5-3 hourly in the day- only goes that long now on hungrier baby formula. Was more frequent, sometimes 1.5 hours before switched.

0-60 in 10 seconds- hunger. No warning.

Feeding him is very difficult. Arching back, crying out, seems angry when he loses the teat (writhing around so much). Then have to hold the teat in his mouth and sing to calm him until he'll take it again- seems so hungry, but sometimes inconsolable. Feel cruel, like forcing him. Massive burps- think it shocked other women a bit when I fed him at baby massage- I thought it was just normal! Lots of farting.

Does suffer a bit with constipation, think cos of formula. So offer cool boiled water which always seems to help him.

Teething symptoms have also started, which looks very similar to what I've described above. Think the sucking was putting pressure of his gums. But don't think it's always teething that is causing discomfort.

Never sick. Could count on two hands the number of times he's been properly sick in his life. Just possets a bit sometimes.

Not every feed is like this. Some days are better than others.

Is he just a fuss pot?! Or is there something else at play? Would really appreciate your comments smile

narmada Fri 16-Sep-11 21:06:31

hi all, sorry not to post a long post and reply to everyone individually, I am completely knackered as DS is going through sleep hell at the moment, arrrgh.

re. dairy intolerance - it really does exist. If you want the sciencey-bit, it can be either IgA-mediated (true) allergy (think hives, anaphylaxis) or non-IgA mediated (delayed reaction type). The latter can manifest itself as inflammation in a variety of sites in the body such as the oesophagus, colon, or stomach - the first of these is the most common IIRC.

Children do tend to grow out of milk allergy as they get older - when precisely varies from child to child.

Yes to babies being worse after jabs and when teething. Daisylulu speaks sense!

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