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Ranitidine for reflux?

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ollyoctopus Mon 16-Aug-10 13:19:19

My 21wk old DD still screams and won't settle in the evenings despite being the happiest baby in the world the rest of the night and day!

She has known reflux but is a "happy chucker" and is piling on weight. However I've been advised by friends that her evening problems could be due to reflux.

What I want to know is - if it is reflux related why doesn't it give her pain the rest of the time? I can't get my head round the logic of it only causing her problems in the evening.

I was giving gaviscon from 2wks of age til about 10 days ago when I had to stop it due to constipation. It really didn't make much difference (to the vomiting or evening screaming). She is exclusively breastfed but I have started giving a little baby rice towards the end of the afternoon to try to reduce the amount of milk she is taking at bedtime.

Friends have recommended ranitidine. My thoughts are (1) are the evening problems really reflux related? (2) she is already 21 wks so maybe once she is fully weaned onto solids in the next month things will improve anyway? (3) I've heard it is not licensed for use in babies and you have to see a consultant, which makes me concerned.

Any advice much appreciated!

Masalamama Mon 16-Aug-10 13:54:57

It could simply be because the digestive system is more sluggish in the evenings. My 17mo as a baby had dom peridone and ranitidine, as well as a course of homeopathy and was vastly better in 2 weeks. Night times were always worse!

Since then, she has tested positive for dairy intolerance, which more than likely caused the reflux in the first place... so I would really recommend seeing a consultant.

Druzhok Mon 16-Aug-10 14:43:56

How is her sleeping? What you describe rings a bell with me and I'm wondering if the screaming may NOT be to down to a digestive issue.

She may just not want to go to sleep in the way you want her to. If you are attempting to have some kind of life wink i.e. being quite firm in putting her to bed and then leaving, she might be resisting that.

Does she scream in the same way if you carry her around and cuddle her?

I suppose you know that the official advice is not to give baby rice before 26 weeks because a baby may not be able to digest it (strain on kidneys etc etc). I'm not necessarily judging that (I gave my DS some and it did really make a difference to his contentment), but I wonder if the additional carbohydrate is an issue, particularly if she's already prone to sensitivity. Lying down might be part of it??

I would try keeping her close and upright to you - just do everything that you're told not to (let her fall asleep on your shoulder whilst you watch the telly if need be) and see if she is happier. Then you should start to be able to eliminate possibilities.

I would be cautious about medicating just yet.

Might be teeth of course ... that old chestnut ...

Igglybuff Wed 18-Aug-10 08:55:32

It could be that she's overtired come bedtime hence the screaming? At that age they get overstimulated pretty easily - they seem happy but are actually wired (crazy waving arms, squealing, lots of bouncing if you hold them so they can stand)! How many naps does she have a day? I'd try an earlier bedtime if I were you.

My DS has silent reflux and was on ranitidine. We noticed his symptoms were actually worse at night after he'd gone to bed. Any evening screaming was due to him not getting enough day sleep.

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