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Blocked duct help

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napa Mon 16-Aug-10 12:56:34

Looking for a bit of advice please...

8 days ago while on holiday woke up with very hard painful right breast. Fed DS lots on the side but didn't clear the lump I could feel which was still very painful. After a couple of hours there was a white lump on the end of my nipple which no milk flowed out of when i hand expressed. I tried hot compresses, shower and jacuzzi, eventually pierced the white spot with a sterile needle and lots of clear white milk came out, then i fed DS again. It slowly got better, pain wise over the next couple of days but the white spot was still there a little. When i hand express some milk comes out but not as much as the other ducts.

Fast forward to this morning and again wake up with hard painful breast, same side, still got the white spot, though small amounts of milk are coming out of the duct. Have fed DS lots and it has softened up but still a little painful and still have the white lump. I pumped a bit once i had fed DS too. Milk is coming from the duct but not as much as the others and the white spot is still there.

If you are still awake after reading this essay does anyone have any suggestions or should I just keep feeding DS lots.

Flumpetty Mon 16-Aug-10 13:46:46

I had this, the duct is still a bit blocked up with dried up milk.

Get into a nice hot bath and make sure breast is under the water soaking for a bit to help open the ducts. Very, very, very gently squeeze the whilte lump (a bit like a spot)and hopefully some stuff a bit like toothpaste will come out.

Do not fiddle with it too much or you can make it all a lot worse.

I'd keep having hot baths once a day for a bit to try to keep it clear.

Also supposed to be a good idea to have baby's chin where the blocked duct is but that depends on where the blockage is.

napa Mon 16-Aug-10 15:46:15

Thanks for the advice. It is not as painful as thus morning, but still lumpy and white spot so will try a hot bath tonight!

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