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Avent adapters melt in microwave - anyone else?

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Shroomer Thu 12-Aug-10 08:19:53

I am finding that the ring adapters which come with the large Avent bottles are melting in the steam steriliser in the microwave. I called Avent about this a few weeks ago and the fault was firmly laid at my door. They said that I mustn't be sterilising properly. They emailed the correct procedure for sterilisation (don't overcrowd, use 200ml water, timing, etc). I was already following this procedure. Yesterday another one melted. These bottles are expensive!

I noticed last week that Avent are now selling bottles without an adapter (sorry, with an integral anti-colic system). I wonder if this is because other people have had issues with melting adapters. They told me this was not an issue. Anyone else find they are melting?

MumNWLondon Thu 12-Aug-10 09:39:06

what is this adapter?

TakeLovingChances Thu 12-Aug-10 09:40:42

Did they melt 1st time you sterilised them? That is very odd!

I have the same bottles that you talk about and mine haven't melted after being in the microwave several times.

No advice, sorry!

ToriR Thu 12-Aug-10 09:40:44

Have you thought of posting a message on their facebook page (do they have facebook?). I had a prob with TT teats (kept getting blocked)when I called, they made me feel silly but when I looked on their facebook page, their teats were getting all sorts of complaints. Personally I don't trust these big corporate brands.

Shroomer Thu 12-Aug-10 14:17:17

ToriR I'll have a look on Facebook. I was also made to feel v small by Avent.

MumNWLondon - I can't see any images of it on the web. It's a ring which you put on top of the bottle before you screw on the cap and teat. My feeling about it is that if it is so important, why not change the shape of the bottle (or cap, or teat) rather than introduce another part to the bottle. Avent seem to have done this with there latest version.

Morloth Thu 12-Aug-10 15:34:05

Is it to make it into a sippy cup thing so kid can hold themselves? In which case do you need to sterilise at all? These?

TakeLovingChances Thu 12-Aug-10 15:52:20

I got a bottle with the steriliser that didn't have this ring... so when I went out and bought a 3 pack of bottles I saw the ring and threw them out thinking they weren't needed blush Cue me later that day hunting through the bin for them after milk spilt everywhere. Doh!

Morloth no, it's a small plastic ring, a bit like the ring left around a 2 litre carton of milk when the lid is turned. On the bottle it fits inside the mouth of the bottle and the lid and teat go on top. Is hard to properly explain. It's meant to do something to the airflow to reduce colic/reflux (can't remember which)

Morloth Thu 12-Aug-10 16:37:50

You could still just scrub it down and leave to air dry so skipping the sterilising phaff all together.

TakeLovingChances Thu 12-Aug-10 17:14:20

I don't think that's the problem really Morloth.

Other people (including me) own these same bottles and ours haven't melted. Therefore the OP bought faulty ones which customer services aren't admitting to.

But I do agree with you that scrubbing the ring bit with hot soapy water should suffice.

MumNWLondon Thu 12-Aug-10 17:22:11

I have old bottles, bought 4 years ago, they don't have that bit.

I am probably just going to use the same bottles for DS2 when he moves onto formula when i go back to work and just buy some new teats.

I wonder if the new teats will work on old bottles. Or is it bad to use old bottles (bearing in mind he will be 6 months old).

Morloth Thu 12-Aug-10 18:06:08

I have been using bits of old avent kit with new stuff MumNWLondon they seem pretty interchangeable.

OP you have been ensuring that there is 200mls of water in the steriliser and adjusting the time to the wattage on your micro?

divedaisy Thu 12-Aug-10 19:18:05

I had a few of these bottles for my son and used them until they broke for my daughter. Then bought a new 3-pack to discover the adapter ring. I've now lost one of the rings and cannot find a replacement part anywhere. The store I bought it doesn't have them nor do any of the major baby shops. VERY frustrating!

Shroomer Fri 13-Aug-10 09:04:52

To buy a new ring, go to the Philips Avent website and find the phone number for 'mother and baby' stuff. This is the spare parts line.

I agree with other posters here about not sterilising the part which is melting. I will do that in future.

nomorecake Fri 13-Aug-10 10:53:55

I bought a pack of 4 of these bottles without knowing about the new adapter rings included.
I find the bottles don't fit properly in the designated place in my two year old scent steam steriliser. And as sterilising the new adapter ring I can only sterilise two bottles at a time!
Is there a new microwave steriliser to for the new bpa free bottles and adapter rings?

Morloth Fri 13-Aug-10 15:18:57

Are these special bottles? I bought a pack of Avent bottles and they don't have anything other than the tea, white lid thing and the bottle.

bulubatu Fri 13-Aug-10 15:28:09

I have just used the Avent electric steam sterliser to sterlise a BPA free Avent Airflex 125ml feeding bottle after using it for approx. the 3rd time and it melted!!

So annoyed it's now sort of triangular shaped - i.e. the sides all caved in during sterlisation and it's now useless, however the other items sterlised at the same time (e.g. breast pump and another bottle) are fine..

I have just written a complaint to Avent on their website - lets see - but it's really frustrating but more frightening..

I also noticed that their bottles don't have the resin code identification number on the bottom anymore (i.e. the "recycling" triangle with the number in it). Hmmm

TakeLovingChances Fri 13-Aug-10 16:51:20

This is all very odd that it happens to some and not to others.

A manufacturing fault I'm guessing.

I've just sterilised my DS's bottles - have had them for about a month - and still not melted

bulubatu Fri 20-Aug-10 16:38:10

Conclusion - Avent Customer Services say they have never had the case of their plastic baby bottles melting in the steam sterliser before only microwave sterliser.

They are sending me a replacement bottle but didn't seem very concerned to have details of the faulty bottle - which I find surprising if they have NEVER had this issue before... Anyway that's that.

twinmom2012 Mon 27-Aug-12 10:56:24

I am having this problem too, its not anything you've done, its Avent! The piece is fine in my electric steam steriliser but melted in portable microwave steam steriliser. I will be complaining to Avent. I already have a complaint logged with them because one of their dummies split in my ten wk olds mouth and a piece of the silicone was hanging off. Unfortunately avent bottles are the only teats my daughter will use so I will reluctantly have to replace the bottles. The gold ones without this colic ring are the older style bottles but you can still get them from asda x

maid679 Sun 30-Dec-12 04:06:37

I am having this problem, thought was something I had done wrong. I will be emailing Avent complaints tonight. surprised that they did not rectify the problem around time this thread was created.

Henry06 Thu 05-Jun-14 13:49:12

Same issue, obvs Avent haven't done anything about this. Also going to be emailing.

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