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Cutting down breastfeeds - is she getting enough milk??

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fizz14 Mon 28-Jul-03 09:02:48

I exclusively breast fed my dd till six months, shes now eight and a half months and well establsihed with her solids. I've kind of taken my lead from her regarding cutting down breast feeds and was down to first thing, mid afternoon then bed time. The last few days though shes skipped the mid afternoon so only has two feeds a day. My question is is she getting enough milk - I dont want to put her on formula at all and she gets lots of milk, yoghurt & cheese in her 'normal' foods. It says in some of the books she should be getting the equivalent of a pint a day of milk, I dont know how much she is getting. I tend to give her water with her meals. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

vickie Mon 28-Jul-03 13:06:24

I just posted the same sort of question a few threads ago so Im going through just the same thing as you! Its a nightmare isnt it cos you dont have a gauge on your boob you never know how much they're taking so you never worry! DD is 10 months and is pretty much dropping the afternoon feed although I am offering her formula instead as Im going back to work in a month and I dont want her to go without if she needs it. I give her cows milk with cereals and she has a yoghurt a day and cheese to nibble on with most meals so Im not worried about this afternoon feed anymore. I hope this helps...dont feel I have been vewry helful but Im going through the same thing so good luck!

fizz14 Wed 30-Jul-03 19:38:26

She gets cows milk with cereals every day, and I make lots of her meals with cheese sauces or mix with greek yoghurt. Its just that the official advice says at least a pint of milk a day or equivalent. I cut down her breast feeds as it was getting closer and closer to meal times that she was having them and therefore not eating her solids but I'm still not sure if I should have cut right down yet.
The pro is that with only feeding morning and evening I can start wearing real bras again!

mears Wed 30-Jul-03 21:00:37

fizz14 - she will be getting enough. You don't need to stick to rigid feeding times. With my first I cut down feeds systematically - with my fourth I cut out meal time feeds but she had the breast any time she wanted inbetween. If you are concerned about lack of milk then offer her the breast inbetween times. I certainly never introduced formula at all - I wouldn't dream of it at 10 months.

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