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TT electric pump

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June2008 Tue 03-Aug-10 21:01:46

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with the TT electric pump?

I'm intending to bf DC2, due in a few weeks, and wondered whether this pump is worth getting? (Have seen the offer at Asda which is what prompted me to post this.)

Or should I bite the bullet and get the Medela?

I only used a manual one last time so would be grateful to hear of any thoughts on the two.


Shaz10 Tue 03-Aug-10 21:03:15

The closer to nature one? I had a terrible time with it. It's shite. If I ever have another I'm forking out for a Medela.

TheZee Tue 03-Aug-10 21:30:12

Hello, I found it really painful. Eventually got on better with a manual Avent one. Good luck finding one that works for you...

June2008 Tue 03-Aug-10 21:35:11

Thank you for your thoughts! I kind of figured that was what I might hear!

LouLou78 Tue 03-Aug-10 21:36:02

Mine broke after a couple of uses. Returned it and got a refund. Seems to be a common problem with it.

Much preferred the Medela although only used it a handful of times - DS won't take a bottle and Im too lazy to persevere!

Shaz10 Tue 03-Aug-10 21:37:22

I honestly thought it was me who couldn't express, didn't have enough milk, etc, etc. Until I went into hospital and borrowed the proper one from the maternity ward. Milk everywhere!

littlemefi Wed 04-Aug-10 11:45:15

I have used both, borrowed SIL's TT one when my Medela swing was away being repaired.
Personally, I struggled to get much out of the TT one, and was SO relieved to get the Medela back!
I have used the Medela a lot, and although it did have to go for repair, it was under warranty and customer services were v helpful.

catwhiskers10 Wed 04-Aug-10 11:55:17

I used the TT manual pump and ended up buying a spectra electric one which i find is really good. has a good selection at a reasonable price.
I researched lots of electric ones before buying and the tommee tippee electric one had the worst reviews of them all.

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