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General question about switching from breast to bottle

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vickie Tue 22-Jul-03 16:12:12

DD is 10 months and is due to start nursery in a month so I need her to take her afternoon feed from a beaker. I currrently bf her in the morning and the evening and I used to bf her in the afternoon as well. She wont take much formula from a beaker in the afternoon and Im worried that she isnt getting enough milk. So far I have refused to bf her in the afternoon and have steadfastly stuck with the formula or nothing but she isnt bothered.

Can anyone advise? Im worried she isnt getting enough milk,


mothernature Tue 22-Jul-03 16:21:45

Express some milk for her, if your worried about her in-take of formula, much tastier for her...or start giving her a dairy snack at the said time, ie yoghurt. hope this help's.

p.s. Does the nursery not have milk at snack time?

mears Tue 22-Jul-03 16:23:44

I would continue breastfeeding her and just continue as you are, not feeding her in the afternoon. She does not need that feed replaced by formula at all. Water or juice would be fine (or nothing if she isn't interested) as a drink instead from a beaker.
She will be getting more than enough milk from you morning and afternoon. You do not need to stick to rigid feeding times and could feed her at anytime you are together if you are concerned about her milk intake. HTH.

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